Vietnam Intensive

RMIT Vietnam

I have been very fortunate to have scored myself a pretty much free trip to Vietnam recently. Part of the global movement of our EMBA, our marketing lecturer invited all of us to go to Vietnam to do the subject marketing there as an intensive. At first, I really wanted to go but was thinking that I wouldn’t get the leave to go because there was a lot happening at work during that time. However, after some talking and finding out that the schedule allowed me to, I jumped at the opportunity.

I haven’t been back to Vietnam since I was 18.. like 14 years ago, so I really didn’t know what to expect. My friends who have been back recently have said that it was really fun and really awesome.. but there was still that part of me who read all the warnings on those travel safe websites and was still really weary of being mugged, getting food poisoned and getting into trouble.

Nguyen Hue
Nguyen Hue

Did it happen? No, not at all. The first day I set foot in Vietnam, I was blown away. The strict we stayed on was sort of a few streets from the main city centre, Nguyen Hue. So while we were attempting to look for a restaurant to eat – spoiled by the many choices, japanese, italian, western, chinese etc – I had sort of like a deja vu feeling of, “OMG.. I feel like I’m in Vancouver”. The restaurant we ended eating at on the first night was so westernised, I felt like I was in New York. It was so surprising just how much Vietnam had changed.


One thing that didn’t change was the traffic and driving. LOL. First day on the hotel shuttle from the airport into District 1… there were a few break outs of nervous laughter. I just couldn’t believe people in the middle lane were wanting to turn left.. while we were in the left lane trying to drive straight.. huh?


Finding the Right Person for Work or to Love.. the Same?


As per usege – I’m delayed by like two months this time in writing.

I’ve been away from my blog for so long that my blog is getting hacked again – possibly from not checking and the hack bugs think this is open fo business – emmm.. no.

So what’s been happening? My life is pretty boring in between work and study, mainly work in the last few weeks. I haven’t even read my text book which is a worry. I thought that studying on a Monday night was great, but actually, it just gives me the excuse to not do any work at all during the week and “rely” on the weekend, which I use to use it to do homework and during the week as reading.

But anyway.. I’ve had some changes recently, mainly one of work growth. The responsibilities are getting heavier and the focus is getting more directed into people management rather than operations manager or project management which I am use to. Which, in some ways is a great experience and also a grateful experience to be able to have an opportunity to develop that. I have managed people before but for smaller periods of time for specific projects. The kind of management now is more focused on daily staffing issues and managing their workloads, sickies and motivation. (more…)

Too Many Mangoes? Make Mango Pudding!

Not my picture, but mine looked just as great!

So it was Christmas recently and I bought a box of mangoes ready to take to my family. I messaged my uncle in our family whatsapp group and he said that he also had a lot of mangoes.

Then I thought, ehh.. I’ll just make mango pudding instead! So, as I raided google, this was the best mango recipe that I found that was easy to make with simple ingredients. I took this recipe from A Kitchen Cat  (more…)

Mildura: Surprisingly More than Just Orange Juice!

The dirt/feet shot. :D

Okay, I know that it sounds so ignorant but prior to flying out to Mildura for business, Mildura to me was unknown. In my mind, all I had was country, orange dirt and large plains of land. In my mind, Mildura was similar to Dunkeld but much hotter and maybe more orchards.

I had told my friend that I was going to Mildura and tried to convince her into coming with me. In her mind, Mildura was just orange juice. LOL. She expected to see maybe a large sign for orange juice? I dunno.. it sounds ridiculous, I know.

So anyway, I had no expectations but just good feelings and excitements for going away to a place I would never even think to go.

The outcome: a very interesting and beautiful place.  (more…)

My Three Months with Bellabox – Review

November 2015 Bellabox

Nope, I didn’t buy another 3 months subscription. I’ve been too busy to think about boxes and subscription stuff lately. The three month subscription came from Bellabox’s marketing team! Thank you BellaBox!

It was great of them to have approached me and send me a 3 month subscription to give it a go and see how I feel about them.

I’m not sure whether this was during the time when bellabox was changing their box and they were after reviews or service reviews? Though, they did mention that they noticed my review (the one in which I unsubscribed) and wanted to give me a three month trial to see if bellabox has changed to suit me. (more…)

An Evening with Oprah!


This was a pleasant surprise from my dear friend Diana. She’d been calling me and texting me to call her the day before the big day and I wondered what was going on. She didn’t say anything, so I wasn’t sure. And then I saw her tickets and I knew what it was about.


Since when was Oprah coming to town and why did I not hear about it through my networks of self-development like coaching groups, Tony Robbins groups and business/entrepreneur groups?? What is going on?? (more…)

Happy New Year: 2015 Highlights


Happy New Year Everybody!

Wishing you all had an awesome end of year and celebrated with a big bang! 

What an interesting year 2015 was (I wrote “has been” but 2015 is now over).


It started off quite roughly this year – the after effects of losing my day job last year had rolled into the start of the year. I was really desperate for a job, anxious because I didn’t know when the next pay cheque was coming and I was still so depressed about who I was and what I couldn’t do.

The start of the year had many rejections. I applied for quite a few jobs, received lots of rejection letters; went to a few interviews; was rejected from all the interviews; met up with a few potential employees from the past and was rejected from virtually all of them. It was all struggle, struggle, struggle.  (more…)

The More You Give, The More You Receive


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and that you enjoyed some shopping!

This year was the first time in a few years that I spent Christmas with family and we had a celebration. As my cousins’ have said, this year we’ve had the best food yet! 😀

Approaching Christmas, it wasn’t the greatest. I was nagging the car repairers and insurance company to get my car back to me before Christmas. So it took a lot of talking, asking questions and suggestions – Ok, firm speech, questioning and demands – just to get my car back. To my disappointment, the car came back alright, but it just didn’t feel right and there were things that were missing. Not a great start to Christmas! (more…)

Recent Mind Shenanigans

Biological block

So recently, it’s been quite challenging and interesting at the same time. I’ve had many things happen at the same time and made many observations and thought why not record it here. It will seem quite haphazard and a little “jumpy”…

I Didn’t Know I Would be so Calm After An Accident.

So two weeks ago, I was running late to work from feeling shitty from the weekend. My stomach had been really in so much pain from the alcohol that I had drank on Friday (keep scrolling for more details). I was feeling like crap so took a few hours in the morning to sleep in and go to get some proper food at the shopping centre nearby.

While wanting to turn left to get to work, this incident happened.

I was at those slip lanes that was turning left and so I stopped to look at the oncoming traffic. I was being cautious because I didn’t want to just go when it looked like there were cars coming. Unfortunately, the girl behind didn’t think the same. (more…)

Happy Birthday to Me!


Wow.. this is a really long absence. I know, I know, i always start my blogs with the same heading.

Anyway, this blog post is really overdue – I was really meant to write this at the start of the week, BEFORE my birthday. I wanted to share my thoughts of stepping over the 30 line and finally entering my thirties. Damn.

LOL. Well.. to be honest, I’m very happy to be 31 and still have 23 year olds trying to hit on me every now and then. Still keeps me feeling so young inside. *WIN*

This year, I took off the hide my birthday option on Facebook and just allowed for love to flow my way. I was very very blessed to have received many well wishes, kisses, birthday hugs, parties, great good, presents and four cakes! Yeah!