Here’s my little rant.

Why are people targeting Millennials!? 

Ok, so recently, I’ve been looking at new putting seeking out new adventures for myself since finishing up my post-grad studies. Because I’ve been in a mode of job seeking, writing/rewriting/editing resume, looking at job seeking tips, watching/reading motivational job seeking articles and videos and keeping myself sane – I’ve come across articles and videos knocking millennials, saying how crappy this generation are in the workforce.

Heard of the whole avocado theory lately? Yes, it’s just that.

Perhaps it’s being the older part of the Gen Y spectrum, but I really disagree with a lot of how we are being classified.

#1 – Why are Millennials classified as being lazy?

Since when are millennials lazy? I don’t think I’ve ever worked with, managed, been friends with or known of many millennials whom are lazy. On the contrary, I’ve worked with baby boomers who have been lazy (and arrogant), Gen X-ers who are lazy and maybe one or two Gen Y-ers that make me think, “You’re fired for not doing your work” – but that isn’t a generation of lazy people. Millennials are not lazy: Lazy people are lazy! (more…)

Brite Organix – Goddamnit!

Sometimes when Priceline does a 50% off hair products, you really get the chance to experiment with products that you didn’t think to experiment with.

I’ve seen Brite Organix at Priceline and Woolies, but didn’t really think to use it – Drugstore, supermarket bought semi-permanent dye for about $12 a pack seemed not as enticing as the Schwarzkopf Live Colour for around $5. I didn’t know of the Organix brand where as I’ve tried Schwarzkopf before and have liked the result. I used the Schwarzkopf light purple to get a lavender effect and it usually lasts about 10 washes or so.

So since Priceline was doing the 50% (or was it 40%) sale, I thought to buy some organix and try it .. and the saga began.

The first box I tried was the purple (see below). The colour was lovely and I did get a LOT of compliments, but OMG, (more…)

I finally FINISHED!

I can’t believe I finally finished my masters! WOOOO!!

What an exciting, mind boggling and crazy 2 years it has been. 11 subjects (Yes, I got 1 elective exempted, wooottt woooottt!!), 33 assignments and at least 15 presentations (or more) – my mind has really expanded and I have learnt so much more about business, strategies and most importantly, how I fit in the world of consulting.

I still remember the week before starting the Executive Masters of Business Administration – I was worried about where to park, whether I would fit in and whether I would be able to even understand the material – remember how I was glazed over with the numbers?? (more…)

Happy New Year – A 2016 Wrap up!

Happy New Year yall!

This years wrap up came pretty much the same time as last year’s, even though I thought that I was late!

So month by month ..


This January was the start of the new role as Office Manager and when I finally bumped into my office. Was an interesting learning curve and really challenging. I felt like I was not only juggling between growing up but also the office politics of taking up the role – managing all the people watching me fail and waiting for me to step down. Was pretty difficult but I did what I had to do. It was a time of really stepping up to the plate and feeling energetic and wanting to make changes.

February – March

I don’t actually remember much other than working and starting Marketing for semester 1. I remember the first day of class of marketing and learning of the opportunity to study in Vietnam for free and I was thinking I really wanted to go but wondering whether I could get leave. (more…)

Being 32 – Another Year Older

Ok, this has to be one of the longest breaks I’ve had from my blog in a long while. Goddamnn.. Karen, 4 months!!??!!

lol… Let’s just say so much has been happening lately – Uni, Pole dancing, up and downs in the world of relationships, family stuff, new opportunities, annoying stuff… argh..

To back track on the few posts I wrote a few months ago, I’ve continued to fire and hire people in the last few months – have 2 or 3 on the line to fire but… BUT.. I ended up leaving myself. (more…)


[wrote this last week, but am publishing it this week because my arms were hurting all week! lol Last week was the first week and tomorrow is 2nd week! Yikes!]

Im in so much pain.. knees are so bruised.. ankles feel bruised.. inner arms is burned (remember chinese burn).. hands are ok… even inner thighs… burn baby burn

Today was the first day of pole and fuck me it was hard. So much harder than I thought and I feel even more like a fricken newb. Lol

I thought going to seduction class was hard enough but this has been next level.

I seriously thought we were going to just do simple tricks.. I didnt think we were going to be spinning around the pole and jumping UP the pole. Yes.. UP THE POLE. Damnnnn (more…)

The Pleasure of Being a Woman

So last week it was about the pains and this week it’s about the pleasure! 😀

I spent the morning for a jog-turned-walk around Jells Park – almost died on the way getting there… Need to pay attention when driving… I got side-tracked from “Strathconan”.

Anyway, it was freaking cold, light rain, spitting down but with Tony Robbins pumping in my ears, it was great. It was a great escape. I was listening to the human needs again – certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection – all again.

Only two words describe why people go to see Tony Robbins – Pain and Pleasure. Two motivators that push or pull someone to work towards or away from their goals. Definitely something I needed to hear – maybe not for me, but to explain other people around me. Loving yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own shoes. Feeling good about the person you are. I guess that’s why I see the light in some people and I don’t in some others.

This week, I set out to get back into my fitness. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve been doing anything. I used to, and then I allowed myself to be lazy and stopped. It wasn’t until the dance class I did on Tuesday where it was the first time I looked at myself in that light and made me think.. (more…)

The Pains of Being a Woman

I’m totally getting into mode now, writing as I listen to Korean love songs. lol

I’ve had some really big revelations and breakthroughs in the last week. It’s been a weird two weeks, a really vulnerable and raw two weeks. I guess I had to go through them to be able to learn more about what it means to be me and why what I’ve been wanting to have, hasn’t happened.

Maybe let’s leave the deep stuff until later – so keep scrolling if you want to skip the next few bits. 

So, about 4 days ago, I did it. I dyed my hair. I dyed my hair a ridiculously light colour! Platinum! Yep. Platinum. It was one of those colours that I said I would do if my business ever made it big. So yeah, kind of jumped the gun a little and did it anyway. lol

It was a really strange day, of all days to forget to bring my phone, that was the day. Because I didn’t have my phone, I didn’t get to show the hair dresser what I wanted or what I had in mind. So I did what I have been doing in the last year when I went to hairdressing appointments (what you shouldn’t do), verbally explained what I wanted.

“Ummm… kind of light brown with lavender and blonde bits?”

Then she clarified with me again later – “So you mean, platinum with like lavender, kind of purple-y-grey?”

To which I replied, “…Yes.” Without even thinking for a split second what platinum purple grey meant.

The result, a big significant switch from having black hair to now having white/grey hair. Yeah.. lol I have granny hair #grannyhair .. I swear for the first 2 days I laughed at myself every time I looked at myself in the mirror. It was so light.

It was after a nourishing session on Saturday with purple toners, conditioners, olaplex and light drying of the hair that my hair finally got back some of its life. The pains of being a woman – I have never in my life invested so much money and time on my hair. Maybe because I am blessed with beautiful healthy hair (that I went and killed), that now I have to resuscitate it. But yeah… the embodiment of what it means to be a girly girl – purple toner, purple conditioner, sulfur-free colour safe shampoo, olaplex, hair oils, spending a long time drying my hair, I bought a boar-hair brush and a couple of hundred $$ later, there’s still things that I can still get to have nice hair. **cries** :((

So naturally, with a new head full of grey hair, I went shopping.. MAN… my hair looks so awesome, it makes me want to buy everything cool I try on… #firstworldproblems

Though, if these were the ONLY WOMAN PROBLEMS I have, then I’d be pretty happy.  (more…)

Vietnam Intensive

RMIT Vietnam

I have been very fortunate to have scored myself a pretty much free trip to Vietnam recently. Part of the global movement of our EMBA, our marketing lecturer invited all of us to go to Vietnam to do the subject marketing there as an intensive. At first, I really wanted to go but was thinking that I wouldn’t get the leave to go because there was a lot happening at work during that time. However, after some talking and finding out that the schedule allowed me to, I jumped at the opportunity.

I haven’t been back to Vietnam since I was 18.. like 14 years ago, so I really didn’t know what to expect. My friends who have been back recently have said that it was really fun and really awesome.. but there was still that part of me who read all the warnings on those travel safe websites and was still really weary of being mugged, getting food poisoned and getting into trouble.

Nguyen Hue
Nguyen Hue

Did it happen? No, not at all. The first day I set foot in Vietnam, I was blown away. The strict we stayed on was sort of a few streets from the main city centre, Nguyen Hue. So while we were attempting to look for a restaurant to eat – spoiled by the many choices, japanese, italian, western, chinese etc – I had sort of like a deja vu feeling of, “OMG.. I feel like I’m in Vancouver”. The restaurant we ended eating at on the first night was so westernised, I felt like I was in New York. It was so surprising just how much Vietnam had changed.


One thing that didn’t change was the traffic and driving. LOL. First day on the hotel shuttle from the airport into District 1… there were a few break outs of nervous laughter. I just couldn’t believe people in the middle lane were wanting to turn left.. while we were in the left lane trying to drive straight.. huh?


Finding the Right Person for Work or to Love.. the Same?

As per usege – I’m delayed by like two months this time in writing.

I’ve been away from my blog for so long that my blog is getting hacked again – possibly from not checking and the hack bugs think this is open fo business – emmm.. no.

So what’s been happening? My life is pretty boring in between work and study, mainly work in the last few weeks. I haven’t even read my text book which is a worry. I thought that studying on a Monday night was great, but actually, it just gives me the excuse to not do any work at all during the week and “rely” on the weekend, which I use to use it to do homework and during the week as reading.

But anyway.. I’ve had some changes recently, mainly one of work growth. The responsibilities are getting heavier and the focus is getting more directed into people management rather than operations manager or project management which I am use to. Which, in some ways is a great experience and also a grateful experience to be able to have an opportunity to develop that. I have managed people before but for smaller periods of time for specific projects. The kind of management now is more focused on daily staffing issues and managing their workloads, sickies and motivation. (more…)