My blog of 3 years is now officially CERTIFIED (or pronounced Dead for those who don’t want TVB Medical TV).

The Geek in me tried everything to try to rescue it but after seeking help from other greater IT guys than I, there’s nothing we can do to rescue it.

I did think of whether to resurrect it and just start fresh and I did try to. It just felt like it was taking a long time and nothing seemed to work out as planned – like the universe was telling me to not pursue something. Things aren’t meant to be hard. They are meant to be smooth. So I decided to just stick to one blog, one place and keep all my thoughts, my findings, my ideas, my experiences, my inspiration, my reviews, my videos – all in the one place.

AND to keep it all real and to keep it all honest.

KLUUBLOG was getting a little boring for me and I was tired of writing about something that I didn’t know what to write about. I was salvaging the little threads I had of the dream of wanting to have a fashion business. What if that wasn’t my destiny?