Month: December 2013

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve been so busy during the last week and now resting. There was gifting, making Christmas treats (will share more about the truffles I made), lots of dancing, drinking and a wedding in the mix as well. Phew

I cant believe its almost the end of 2013!

My last post was about my lessons I learnt. I thought I might write a post about the things I’m grateful for this year.  (more…)

My Year 2013

Before I begin, I’ll start by apologising if this blog entry becomes too long. Let’s just say, I’ve had a really interesting 2013.

This year has been a, “down time” from the last 3 years. Ever since I attended Tony Robbins Date With Destiny in 2011 in the Gold Coast, life 2 years after that was breakthrough after breakthrough. I did DWD in July/August 2011, followed by my intake in the Coaching Institute to do the Diploma in Coaching in September 2011.

My friend sold me a cheap ticket to Tony Robbin’s Wealth Mastery, so I went to that in November 2011. I then got another cheap ticket and went to Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within in April 2012 and walked on fire! Yup, walked on burning charcoal. It was real because a tiny piece of coal actually burnt my foot!

I then completed the Certificate IV in Coaching before I did my NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) Practitioners training in June 2012. Had huge epiphanies there. Then completed my Certificate IV in Business around the same time as when I did the Master NLP Practitioner in November 2012 where I broke a 1.5cm piece of wood with my tiny hand. Yes, I did Kung Fu styled broke a board!

Which then lead to this year. I had my first webinar, my first Personal Breakthrough client. Saved my money and set off for Canada in March 2013 – for love.

This trip started off a really interesting year. I was used to the high-energy, positive, breakthrough events that I had been too. There is nothing quite like a Tony Robbins event. I felt so fantastic and passionate after each event. The Coaching Institute events were also amazing, as each time I left, I had multiple breakthroughs – Master Prac being the one that left me the most vulnerable and so open. I have often described that experience as having everything laid out in front of you, every flaw, every issue, every damn thing you’ve feared.

Canada played with one of the most pressing issue that wasn’t resolved. Canada really challenged my boundaries and myself as a person.  (more…)

All I want for Christmas

My boyfriend asked me what I wanted this Christmas and I couldn’t help but be mesmerised, zombified or hypnotised and answered

the Urban Naked 3 Palette


I really was captivated by the fact that it was a naked palette or rose pink shadows. I’ve always loved bronze, rose and purple hues. I think these go really well with my complexion.

While in Canada, I did pop into Sephora and did see these special palettes. Then everyone was really into the Naked 2 palette but when i saw the product. I wasn’t really in awe. I actually liked the Naked Palette 1 more because I thought I’d use the colour more often than the really light tones in the naked 2. I was thinking whether I should get the Naked 1 or Naked 2 … (more…)

Christmas Gift Ideas – Gingerbread Cookies

Every year at my workplace Christmas Party I’d bake something as a gift. A few years ago it was Vanilla Cupcakes with Butter Cream and decorated with green icing, mini MnMs and a candy cane. The year after it was Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Coulis and Cream Cheese Frosting. Last year it was a Spiced Cake Pop Parcel wrapped in Marshmellow Fondant.

This year, it is Gingerbread Cookies.

This is a great gift idea for those who want to give something special and made with love. I’ve used this recipe for Gingerbread cookies and it’s so delicious! I got this one from my favourite baking YouTube sensation – Yoyomax12!

I made some last year for my boyfriend’s parents (yes literally for brownie points)! They not only taste great after you bake them, they actually smell great as a cookie dough. (and no I didn’t eat any at the dough stage).

Anyway, here it is. It makes roughly 30 x 10cm gingerbread men cut out shapes, I’m sure you could get 50 cookies if you cut smaller shapes.

To decorate, whip up a batch of Royal Icing and dye in the Christmas colours or any colours you like.

I’m going to make some of these this year and pop them in plastic bags and tie a festive green ribbon on them for some colour. Keep scrolling to see the result! (more…)

Korean Cosmetics

Ever since the BB cream came in my life last year, I have been addicted to Korean Cosmetics. What I really like about them is that it is affordable and reasonably priced for what it can do – and I would say that most Korean cosmetics actually perform a lot better than a lot of cosmetics out there!

I am not much of a cosmetics person and I would not call myself a make up guru – not at all. My make up routine in the past was moisturiser and then a drug-store foundation power. There was even a time in my life where I JUST used the black MAC Eye Shadow that my friend bought me and a liquid eyeliner and that was it. Oh and blush. Another Drug-Store item.

It was only when I was YouTube surfing as you do that I heard from one of the guru’s about BB Cream. I started looking into what BB creams were – and thanks to Lindy at Bubzbeauty – I finally decided on purchasing my very first BB Cream, the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream (in No.23 Natural Beige). This one, I have to say, is the most well known and I know every make up guru has one. I have to say, the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is my favourite one yet. Yes, it is a little thick and white, but trust me, I used this one when I was in Canada and it did the job! Great coverage and actually quite moisturising. (more…)

Summer Fashion – Strappy Earthy Neutral Look #1

Summer Summer, where are you?

It’s been raining like crazy and I’ve nothing better to do but muck around with Fashion! I’m loving this! I’ve been mucking around with this new StyleSets on Daily Deals and it’s been super fun just putting looks together! You get to pick products from the lists and even save products that you like from other sites and then pop them all together onto a board to create a look!

Check out my look below!

Get the items here –

Wanna do this too? (more…)