Month: February 2014

WordPress, Websites, Web developers

This will be a quick rant post.

Bloody oath WordPress, websites and web developers!

I literally spent the last 2 – 3 months dealing with wordpress, websites and web developers from India that it’s like, I’m at an expert level now.

People who know me who have read my LinkedIn, know that I do not have any degrees in web development, graphic design or IT. So what they hell happened?

I guess, it’s cos every single time there’s a new development of a website, I have just put my hand up and pushed everyone at work to move to wordpress. Why wordpress? Because I have used it for many years and also because it is the easiest CMS to use and the most versatile to get a page whipped up. Why make things hard for people who aren’t the greatest with computers right?

So in the last 3 months I’ve been working on 4 websites for my current workplace – one of which is a complete shamble and I’ve worked so hard to “MAKE IT HAPPEN” which really means to pick up the pieces and make something that clearly wasn’t going to work, at least work.

What this entire experience has taught me is: (more…)

Durian Ice Cream Recipe

Last year when I visited the wonderful City of Roses, Portland, Oregon, my friends took me to eat a fantastic meal that is forever etched in my mind and the one thing that literally left a lasting taste on my breath was – DURIAN ICE CREAM.

During the summer I bought an ice cream machine from The Good Guys for $10! So I thought I’d give it a spin. I really bought it because I wanted to make Durian ice cream – just as good as the one I tried at the Whiskey Soda Lounge – the bar to go to when Pok Pok is packed!

It was sooooo good and I wanted to recreate it.


So after some great trials and lots of failed attempts, I thought I’d share this durian ice cream recipe that I put together. It tastes just like creamy durian that you get semi-frozen. What more could you want right?

So here goes.. my Durian Ice Cream recipe that tastes as good as the one at Whiskey Soda Lounge! Yes, I said it! (more…)

Mental Exhaustion #2

So it is time for a personal entry.

Happy Chinese New Year to my fellow Chinese buddies, and Happy Lunar New Year to my Asian friends!

As a Rat in the Chinese Horoscope, I’ve been told that in the Year of the Horse, it is not going to be a great year. Almost every part of life will be affected – relationships, job, money, life, health….. I read one article on Google and it was saying the most trivial thing – “If you relationship was good in 2013, then you do not need to worry”…. Like what?

Anyway… I’ve been in and out of looking for a new job in the last 6 months. I’ve applied for some last year, got rejected many times. Stopped for a little while and now getting back into it. This whole process of applying for jobs always makes me feel like the Salvador Dali’s famous painting of melting clocks… cos right now, I feel like a melting clock (and not just because of our blazing heat in Melbourne right now!) (more…)

Handmade Truffles make the best gift

Handmade truffles are oh so yummy!

For Christmas this year, I decided to make some truffles for my boyfriend’s dad. Yes, I could’ve just bought some yummy ones at Haigh’s Chocolatier but I thought I might give these a go. Since watching Ann Reardon from How To Cook That on YouTube make them, I thought, what the hey!

So I made a total of 6 different flavours, some from How To Cook That, some from Google and 1 flavour I made up. Here’s what they look like. If you are on my Instagram (@kluublog) you will have seen them.

The verdict so far is that they are all delicious!


And did I mention that Ann Reardon herself had liked the photo!! OMG, made my day!

So these are the recipes that I used. Feel free to cut in half or double up if you are planning to make more or less of what the quantity is here. In total, I think I would’ve made about 100 truffles. Some flavours had more pieces, some had only a few. (more…)