Month: March 2014

Finale: How I Met Your Mother (Spoilers)


I watched the last episode tonight before the finale next week – the final double episode of my beloved How I Met Your Mother. 🙁 *tears*

Yes, this post is going to contain spoilers if you haven’t watched Season 9 in time with America and you would probably have to wait a little longer before you get to see the finale (for those who watch it on Channel 7 here in Australia). If you’re a huge fan like me, chances are, you’ve probably done what others have done. If you know what I mean. *wink*

Season 1 - look how young they looked!
Season 1 – look how young they looked!

A good chunk of my twenties have been spent watching How I Met Your Mother. I started actually following the series after season 3, when my friends gave me the full season 1, 2 and 3 on DVDs. I literally watched Season 1 in a day. Literally watched Season 2 on the next day. And I think I waited a week or so before I watched the whole Season 3, also in a day. Season 4 was the first season that I followed episode by episode. I remember I used to go over to my friend’s house on Tuesdays just to get myself some episodes or watch the new episode.

Funny thing was, the very first time I was exposed to HIMYM was the episode in Season 3 where Marshall was looking for a job and was getting stressed. I think it was the episode. I can’t remember why Lily was all horny and wanted to cut herself a slice of that Marshmellow, perhaps it had something to do with him going somewhere or being busy. I remember watching thinking – this is just the same ole’ Alyson Hannigan, much like the character she played on American Pie. My friend and her boyfriend (now husband) was telling me to watch it, telling me that is so funny, that it’s addictive. I didn’t feel the same until I sat down – or laid down in bed and started watching it from the Pilot.

My goshh. I was hooked after the pilot. I just kept going on and on. I remembered I could not contain myself when I watched Barney sing on the keyboard for the first time. OMG, so hilarious! I couldn’t stop watching. I remember I started a little after dinner thinking I’d watch a few episodes before I slept and then bang (not bang, bang, a-bangity bang), next thing I knew, it was 4.00AM. I did that for 2 nights straight and you know what, I loved it.

Smurf Penis and the whole Quartet
Smurf Penis and the whole Quartet

It wasn’t long before I felt very closely to Ted, the antagonist. Back then, I was going through relationship issues that was very much similar to Ted’s. Feeling like you’re in love with someone that doesn’t want to be with you. Like Robin just not wanting to be with Ted but still having those feelings. Robin who wanted to help Ted find someone. All I wanted then was to meet a Ted because, I was Ted. I still remember season one was all about that struggle. Should I, Shouldn’t I. Finally, at the end of season one, Ted and Robin got together. Though, my own love story at that point wasn’t the same. So roll in season 2. (more…)

The Body is the Barometer of the Soul

The body is the barometer of the soul.

I wish I came up with that awesome title. “The body is the barometer of the soul” is actually a great reference book written by Annette Noontil.

Why am I talking about this book today you ask. Big reason is because I’ve been sick in the last few weeks – sore throat, coughing, phlegm, fatigue etc. The first thought I had was that it must’ve been related to not taking an antihistamine during the cold rainy days and forgetting all about it when it was hot again.

I let the “virus” do its thing and waited for it to go away. Only to get to Pakenham Saturday morning to do a course and feeling like crap. I found it so hard to speak from the coughing and congested chest. I was a little disheartened when I saw some clients not paying attention. Its like.. dude… I’m doing this for you – when I’m sick! So I decided to prevail and go to the doctor. I just couldn’t make it to my family GP so I decided to find any one in my local suburbs.

When I got there, I was greeted with “Excuse me, do you have $2 spare?” I said no. She was pretty much stalking me when I parked my car. So scary. Reminded me of some of my clients.

Anyway, I went in, waited, saw a cricket jumping past and thought … ohhh kayy… and then finally it was my turn. Honestly felt like I didnt really get much out of it. Was only prescribed OTC stuff. So I went next door and bought them anyway.

That night I sounded like a chronic smoker of 40 years – hoarse, rough and broken. So I spent the night watching YouTube (I never knew how funny Conan is).

Finally woke up this morning and completely lost my voice. I don’t have a sore throat or anything. Just felt mucus-y but I cannot speak. I cant even hum a song. (more…)