Month: May 2014

My First VLOG!

So I started getting into VLOGs and thought that may be I should do a vlog instead of writing all the time.

With the trusty camera and camera stand I filmed my first vlog (as well as a few other videos). Let’s just say I was really excited and it was really fun to do. I must admit, I think I look not the greatest on camera… and the lighting also didn’t help much. And I stuffed up the camera angle cos the first few videos made me look puffy… Argh.. so much criticism..

Anyway.. I did enjoy making this vlog, even though it’s a short start to it all.

If I have time (waiting for the videos to process takes agesss), I will definitely put another video up!

Karen x

Overwhelming Gratitude

It’s almost 3.00am and I’m still not able to sleep.

I’ve tried to drain the energy with mind numbing games (Farmville 2, you kill me) and even watching a few episodes of kitchen nightmares with my hero Gordon Ramsey.

When I finally turned of the TV, my brain started to go into thinking mode.

“Shit I forgot to send the invoice and confirmation.” (more…)

Project: The Tassie Wedding Dress

Yes, that’s right.

In the last few months and countless hours, I have completed crafting my friend’s wedding dress.

I haven’t picked up my trusty pattern making ruler, pens and measuring tape for a long while but I am very excited to be getting into it and creating something beautiful for my friend’s wedding in May. I am a little nervous because this will be the first wedding dress everrrrrr that I’ve made but I’m positive that it will turn out to be beautiful.

Great thing about this dress is that I get to play with beautiful lace and create a beautiful collage or intricate pattern on the back of this dress. I love the design and the bride has picked something that is so perfect for her. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous! Especially that she has such beautiful fair skin – this antique-like masterpiece is going to be stunning.

Here are some inspirational pics:

This is a 1930s reference photo to set the mood.
We referred to this dress very regularly. There's something about the lace and the way everything sat in the back that is just so beautiful.
We referred to this dress very regularly. There’s something about the lace and the way everything sat in the back that is just so beautiful.
Other lace on the back designs
This photo had the same lace we used.
This photo had the same lace we used.

What worried me initially was how was I going to get the lace to work. I could easily sew a seam at the front, sides and back, but the lace was beautiful and have visible seams was not going to do the dress any justice.