Month: June 2014

Unboxing & Review: Red Paw Paw June 2014

Guess what I found in the mail yesterday!?

The Red Paw Paw Subscription Box for June 2014.

This is the first subscription box that I have received from Red Paw Paw so indeed I was excited.

Am I happy with this box?

Did it have everything I thought it would have?

Has Red Paw Paw exceeded my expectations?

Watch the video to find out and to see all the goodies inside this months box!


Karen x

Ps – If you want this box, go to their website, and subscribe! (No I am not affiliated to these guys, I just wanted to show you what you can get for $5 in Australia!)

Update: Please note that the RedPawPaw box is now $5 WITH Postage! Please go on to their website to find out how much postage will cost for you as it varies from city to city.

Fashion is a Dirty Word

I have contemplated whether to do this VLOG style or B-LOG style..

And since I’m in the spirit of writing, I thought I’d try to type as fast as possible.

What the fuck is fashion these days?

I question that. I try to understand that. I try to make some sense out of it.

As some of you may know, recently I have been looking for a new job and I thought why not try to get back into the fashion world and apply for some entry level jobs. Umm.. so wrong. One, I didn’t even get looked at all and two, I did have an interview and that’s when the reality hit. It was not an entry level job but the pay was pretty much close to an entry level job for any other industries.

That’s when it hit me. Why are buyers and product developers paid less than let’s say an graduate accountant?

People might argue that an accountant has more control of the financials and MONEY side of the business. What I don’t get is, without someone getting the product for the business to sell, what the fuck money would you be monitoring. I don’t get it. It almost seems like all the small potatoes in the fashion industry get paid less than nothing and you will have one or two elite, experienced few who get paid heaps. Everyone else who does the dirty work get paid less than nothing. I don’t get it.

I flicked back at one employment contract that I received when I first graduated from Uni. The hourly rate was, get this, $15 an hour. What the fuck. I got paid more working in retail than as a production assistance. To make it worse, the next job I worked at the annual salary was $24k. WHAT THE FUCK.  (more…)

OMG I was like that!?

I reverted to writing this week because speaking would be taking quite a lot of energy.

These last two weeks have been really strange, with lots of weird revelations and feelings of loss. This weekend I’ve been busy concentrating on making my CV read well and looking for jobs. It does feel like a gush reality smacking me across the face – what the fuck have I done.

But perhaps, I will save that for another day.

Upon fishing through my piles of bank statements, academia transcripts and letters of crap, I stumbled across a book that I used to call “My Happy Book”. I think I started it during my first year of uni. It was a black paged visual diary and I think I was intrigued by it because black means I could use my pastel and metallic pens! ooOo so creative.

I flicked through then 10 pages of stuff that I had in there and it was just really funny to read what kind of person I was then. I made an effort to keep only happy memories in there and no bad things. I wrote about my friend’s 18th Birthdays, poems and even a few small paintings. Though, what caught my attention was the entry I wrote about my friend’s 18th birthday. Oh such horror from the realisation that … OMG I was like THAT!??! (more…)

New Ways to Sell Your Product #1: Subscription Boxes!

Hey All!

I just had to do one of these to share with you this new obsession of mine. I’ve yet to receive the three June boxes that I’ve subscribed to: Bellabox, Native Box and RedPawPaw. I’ve received the May boxes for Bellabox and Native Box and some things were actually great to use and some weren’t that great.

Any way, these boxes just gave me great inspiration of what you can do with your business or the vlog is just a little entertaining way of seeing how things work!

I actually uploaded this video a week ago but did not find the time to actually pop it on the website……

here it is now!

Enjoy and I will speak to you really soon!

Karen x