Month: August 2014

Native Box Versus Notox Box

Battle of the Healthy Subscription Boxes

Yes, another instalment of the “Battle of the Healthy Subscription Boxes”.

Last month, Native Box was head on with Notox Box and each both had just as much value and fun as each other.

This month, who will take the victory belt? Or will it be a tie again?

Watch the video to find out! (more…)

Koala Bear Hugs

Weeklies 3

A week just seems sooooo quick right? So quick. This week I decided to keep things shorter but spending more time on the actual favourite moment. I’ve thought that materials are not always the things that make us happy and decided to include highlights and even things that I have enjoyed.

This weeks highlights: (more…)

Redpawpaw August 2014 Review and Unboxing!

Long awaited Redpawpaw August 2014 review and unboxing!!

Why is it a “long awaited” box? If you have read my post on “the world of subscription boxes” a few weeks back you will have heard of the commotion that Redpawpaw stirred up with the new addition of postage. This cause such a hugeeee riot on the Redpawpaw facebook page and so many people decided to unsubscribed… and so many people started conspiracies… stalking… crazzzyy

So.. in August 2014, everyone is waiting for what the Redpawpaw box has to offer because they skipped the month of July due to “re-packaging” purposes.

The result is new packaging which probably makes more sense in the end, given that the old packaging was cardboard pieces in a cardboard box within a cardboard box.

Now we get one cardboard box with Redpawpaw’s branding on the front and that’s about it.

What’s inside the box you ask? (more…)

I Say ‘So’ too much!

Hey yo!

Weeklies 2 – My Favourites for last last week (I’m trying to catch up, so last week’s favourites will be out sometime this week).

So this week I’ve spent a long time editing video and I realised my favourite word is “So”. It’s soooo annoying, every sentence starts with SO. I’m noticing it more now when I listen to myself do workshops and I’m annoyed. I’m trying SOOOOOOOO (dang it!) hard to not start sentences with SO. SO here goes. 

Last last week was pretty quiet, didn’t really go out much and continued with a few things here and there. Doing these weekly favourites has started to get me thinking more of what is good in the week and it’s also got me motivated to try out the new stuff I’ve got from the MANY MANY subscription boxes that I have. I will admit that I have found some great things, so stay tuned to see what those things are! ;D

My favourites of that week include:


Violet Box Review – July 2014


I know another subscription box review, this time it’s the Violet Box. I’ve been waiting for soooo long for this box to arrive before I would sneak a peak at other YouTuber’s videos to see what’s inside. After waiting for over a week, I finally caved and saw what was in the July Violet Box for July 2014.

I have to say, it’s not as choccas as I thought it would be. I guess, I’m comparing it to the Violet Box Birthday box in June which had soooo much stuff in it.

So here goes.  (more…)

My Favourites – Weeklies #1- The Reason

Hey guys!

I thought I’d start a new series of videos/vlogging updates that documents my favourites for each week. Why do many favourites you ask?

The reason:

I’m beginning to feel like I’ve focused solely on the negatives each week and I think I could tell you exactly what’s been really shit in the week and I find it hard to see what is the good from the week. Some of you probably know what I’m talking about. For instance, spending too much time working and not being able to find that balance or just feeling like you’re not living the life you want just yet.

So I thought, I’ve got to stop these negative thoughts and focus on finding what were actually good during the week and what I can say were my favourites.

The Categories:

Now, I’m going to be broad when I talk about my favourites each week or it will be SOOOOO hard to name something. The categories that I’m thinking of are:

  • food/snack/recipe
  • drink
  • restaurant
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • book
  • YouTube
  • music
  • quote
  • activity
  • skin care/body care

It’s going to be a challenge, I know it and I encourage any YouTubers, bloggers or anyone to do the same thing. Document what’s been awesome or a “favourite” each week and I guarantee something good will come out of it.

This weeks favourites:

So here’s my favs for week 1 (more…)

Taste Japan Subscription Box

Hey yo!!

OMG am I excited or what!?

I was approached by two awesome entrepreneurs, Malc and Rich, creators of the new “Taste Japan” subscription box to review their new subscription service. Yes, I’ll admit, I felt rather honoured to be asked and to be sent such an awesome choc-a-block filled box. The Taste Japan box is an UK owned box that delivers Japanese snacks to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I think it’s the only Japanese Snack Box that is delivered to Australia!

The box is £15 (roughly $27 Australian) INCLUDING POSTAGE! AWESOME!! Coming straight to your house from Japan. Now that’s pretty cool!

Each month they send 9 delicious snacks like green tea kit kats, wasabi doritos, bacon chips and more from Japan. This month, they included something really cool that I am really excited to try and do a video for you guys!

If you’re already excited and want to grab yours right now, then please go to their website and click “subscribe” or “buy” –

Otherwise, if you want to know what’s inside the box, then keep scrolling.  (more…)