Month: September 2014

Bella Box September 2014 – Redemption box? (bonus Violet Box September 2014)

Hey guys,

Surprising to see this blog post titled Bella box instead of Violet Box? 

Yes. I decided to chill with the boxes and take a month breather just to re-focus on which box I would like to get and which I could do without. So I stopped Violet box and Bella box, but unfortunately, I did it after the last day so I had to have a bella box for september (couldn’t get no refund). Anyway. I will say that I am better with the September bella box, it does have something that I do like and probably will use! So YAY for that.

So what I’ve done for you beauties out there is, I researched what is inside the violet box and popped it here just in case you were interested.

Final Subscription Box Choices:

What I have now decided after picking and choosing from subscription box to box, is to stick with these three:

  1. Native Box (best healthy/organic box out there)
  2. Violet Box (prefer this any day)
  3. Red Pawpaw (still some minor issues but I’m sure it will be awesome soon)

Ookkkk… Now on to the bella box (more…)

Red Paw Paw: Disappointed Again! (September 2014 Review)

Hey guys,

Whether you arrived here from google, or arrived here from my video on YouTube, you wanted to hear the story.

Perhaps, let’s start with delivery. What is with AusPost! The tape was broken, the postie left it on a pot plant, which smooshed the shit out of it. I guess a positive is that I didn’t need a pair of scissors to break the seal.

Anyway, what’s in the box this month: (more…)

Native Box versus Notox Box September 2014 Review and Unboxing

Yes, it’s the time of the month again!

This month, I decided to film the boxes separately but do a blog post comparison, so you can see the products on their own but see the boxes side by side.

Let me start off with my thoughts first, this month I have changed my payment cycles so that I can receive the Native box as it comes out without having to wait 2 weeks after the boxes come out. So I was stoked to see both boxes arrive one day apart! This is a first!!

I received the Notox box on Monday and the Native Box on Tuesday. Here is what is inside these boxes! (more…)

My Dear Bomb By Yohji Yamamoto

This story starts from back when I first started this website.

I was doing some research on some fashion designers to “follow” where they were up to because I felt so out of the whole fashion scene. I came across Yohji Yamamoto, one of my avant garde heroes in the fashion world. Even though he is doing well again now, he had gone into bankruptcy in 2009 due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Yohji Yamamoto with an Asian squat
Yohji Yamamoto in an Asian squat

From there I found, “My Dear Bomb“, an autobiography from the great man himself. Was I in awe or what! An autobiography of Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion journey, life and especially what happened during that time. I felt like I needed some inspiration. So I set out to the book stores in Canada to look for it.

It wasn’t there.  (more…)

Why I Feared Being a Leader

Hey guys!

It’s been a long wait since I’ve vlogged or blogged! The plan was to film this last week but I starting getting sick from a long busy week with lots of  late night driving in thick as fog…. I kid you not.. Last Wednesday I drove from Taylors Lakes to home (on the southeast side) and it was thick ass fog all the way!! So the WHOLE of Victoria or Melbourne was fogged!

Then on Thursday it was even worse… it was so bad I couldn’t see 1-2 metres in front of my car. It was so white and eerie, I was convinced the Ring Girl or the Grudge Chick would pop out to hitch a ride.

Anyways, aside from the fog, I have been deep in pondering mode. My favourites for the other week was a quote from Tony Robbins. I had a mental breakdown two weeks back. It finally happened and I had to consult my mentor – Tony Robbins. I watched a video and he said one thing that I thought, “Fuck. I totally forgot all about that one”. (more…)