Month: January 2015

Tall Poppy Syndrome

It’s been a long while. I missed last weeks post because I was just too lazy to write something (even though I had a thought for a few posts).

In truth, I have kept myself pretty busy (well, as busy as possible) going here and there to meet people, interviews and getting out of the house when possible (even though I have been at home watching tv A LOT)

Feeling like I am Planning My Life

In the last few weeks, I have actually started to feel so much better about my life. I really do feel like I am getting out and about, talking to people, catching up and learning more about my options and opportunities. I also have NO SHAME and have spoke with lots of people to see if they have opportunities for work. NO SHAME!

I have turned down opportunities as well as being rejected from opportunities. Feels good to be in control of MY LIFE.

I have also spent the last week looking at courses to do. As per the last few posts, I have been wanting to do the MBA – get it over and done with. However, many people in the industry have told me not to saying that if it’s for credibility, in Australia, an MBA is not all that credible. (more…)

12 Career Changes that have led me No Where

So I saw this article written on LinkedIn and I thought it was quite interesting and I shall do it too. The guy in the article wrote 12 career (or was it 21 career changes) that had led him to no where. I was thinking about the same idea with business ideas/adventures. I wish I saved the link to his article.

Why am I doing this you ask?

This week has been really weird. I was very low and very down. I felt very lost and felt like people hated me. In reality, I just hated me and I felt I had lost passion for life. Albeit eating really well this week, I still wasn’t feeling 100%.  (more…)

Subscription Boxes Update

What happened to the Red Pawpaw box?

I thought I’d just whip out a quick update before I get into a good article idea that I just got from LinkedIn.

I was actually looking forward to seeing the Red Pawpaw box this month and waited and waited for ever for it. I hadn’t seen it in a few weeks and normally they send it around the start of the month. So I checked my email and realised that (more…)

I Didn’t Get the Dream Job :(

I didn’t get the dream job.

What a week of stress and anxiety.

I guess I’ll start with the start of the week. Monday was the day of the awaited group interview. I really went in there and just was myself. Participated in the group activity, follow instructions and allowed myself to be me. It was a pretty big group of about 21 people which was a surprise as I only thought that there will be about 6 people or maybe 12 at the most. I thought that they would have sifted through all the applicants – though, as they have said, there were A LOT of applicants and making it through thus far was already something special.

Anyway. After a few bits and bobs. I got a phone call later that night and I was through to the next round. I literally “YAYed” in my car! Super excited and felt so great about myself. I kinda had thoughts of how awesome I was and such an awesome team player. (more…)