And we’re back!! Yay!!

Thanks to my buddy Dusty, we got the site up and running and free from the bullshit that the hackers put into my site.

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote a post.. and I can’t believe May is almost over… I know sometimes the months seem to go by quickly but I have to say, May was seriously over in a blink! Maybe because the last two weeks I have been sick as a bitch and working hard and working hard to get my assignments over the line! Maybe…?

There’s been heaps of changes this month. I feel much better, less emotional and all over the place. Although, last week, being sick and all, I travelled up to Dunkeld (I will document this with lovely .. or not so lovely photos in a subsequent blog very soon) I did get a little bit emotional because of the traumatic drive I had! (Will link the story below) (more…)