This week has been so busy. Working really hard this week to balance between working full time and trying to pump out two assignments. One of which I literally did nothing until last night and this morning and one that I’ve been researching bit by bit all week to try to understand.

It’s been hard.

This week from driving to work, not wanting to go to work, driving to uni, not wanting to go to uni – has been hard. Every time I drive into the city via the freeway, when I’m exiting that M1 patch of the road that I cannot remember the name of it, I think of the past. That part of the road has so many memories of the past. I think about the life I used to live, the person I used to love and the thoughts that I use to have.

This week was challenging because I challenged myself to learn to be calm. Learn to be patient. Learn to not be reactive. I find myself really reactive to things – I get annoyed easily, I’m hot tempered, I get emotionally attached at work. It’s not a good thing.