Month: December 2015

The More You Give, The More You Receive

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and that you enjoyed some shopping!

This year was the first time in a few years that I spent Christmas with family and we had a celebration. As my cousins’ have said, this year we’ve had the best food yet! 😀

Approaching Christmas, it wasn’t the greatest. I was nagging the car repairers and insurance company to get my car back to me before Christmas. So it took a lot of talking, asking questions and suggestions – Ok, firm speech, questioning and demands – just to get my car back. To my disappointment, the car came back alright, but it just didn’t feel right and there were things that were missing. Not a great start to Christmas! (more…)

Recent Mind Shenanigans

So recently, it’s been quite challenging and interesting at the same time. I’ve had many things happen at the same time and made many observations and thought why not record it here. It will seem quite haphazard and a little “jumpy”…

I Didn’t Know I Would be so Calm After An Accident.

So two weeks ago, I was running late to work from feeling shitty from the weekend. My stomach had been really in so much pain from the alcohol that I had drank on Friday (keep scrolling for more details). I was feeling like crap so took a few hours in the morning to sleep in and go to get some proper food at the shopping centre nearby.

While wanting to turn left to get to work, this incident happened.

I was at those slip lanes that was turning left and so I stopped to look at the oncoming traffic. I was being cautious because I didn’t want to just go when it looked like there were cars coming. Unfortunately, the girl behind didn’t think the same. (more…)