Month: January 2016

Too Many Mangoes? Make Mango Pudding!

So it was Christmas recently and I bought a box of mangoes ready to take to my family. I messaged my uncle in our family whatsapp group and he said that he also had a lot of mangoes.

Then I thought, ehh.. I’ll just make mango pudding instead! So, as I raided google, this was the best mango recipe that I found that was easy to make with simple ingredients. I took this recipe from A Kitchen Cat  (more…)

Mildura: Surprisingly More than Just Orange Juice!

Okay, I know that it sounds so ignorant but prior to flying out to Mildura for business, Mildura to me was unknown. In my mind, all I had was country, orange dirt and large plains of land. In my mind, Mildura was similar to Dunkeld but much hotter and maybe more orchards.

I had told my friend that I was going to Mildura and tried to convince her into coming with me. In her mind, Mildura was just orange juice. LOL. She expected to see maybe a large sign for orange juice? I dunno.. it sounds ridiculous, I know.

So anyway, I had no expectations but just good feelings and excitements for going away to a place I would never even think to go.

The outcome: a very interesting and beautiful place.  (more…)

My Three Months with Bellabox – Review

Nope, I didn’t buy another 3 months subscription. I’ve been too busy to think about boxes and subscription stuff lately. The three month subscription came from Bellabox’s marketing team! Thank you BellaBox!

It was great of them to have approached me and send me a 3 month subscription to give it a go and see how I feel about them.

I’m not sure whether this was during the time when bellabox was changing their box and they were after reviews or service reviews? Though, they did mention that they noticed my review (the one in which I unsubscribed) and wanted to give me a three month trial to see if bellabox has changed to suit me. (more…)

An Evening with Oprah!

This was a pleasant surprise from my dear friend Diana. She’d been calling me and texting me to call her the day before the big day and I wondered what was going on. She didn’t say anything, so I wasn’t sure. And then I saw her tickets and I knew what it was about.


Since when was Oprah coming to town and why did I not hear about it through my networks of self-development like coaching groups, Tony Robbins groups and business/entrepreneur groups?? What is going on?? (more…)

Happy New Year: 2015 Highlights

Happy New Year Everybody!

Wishing you all had an awesome end of year and celebrated with a big bang! 

What an interesting year 2015 was (I wrote “has been” but 2015 is now over).


It started off quite roughly this year – the after effects of losing my day job last year had rolled into the start of the year. I was really desperate for a job, anxious because I didn’t know when the next pay cheque was coming and I was still so depressed about who I was and what I couldn’t do.

The start of the year had many rejections. I applied for quite a few jobs, received lots of rejection letters; went to a few interviews; was rejected from all the interviews; met up with a few potential employees from the past and was rejected from virtually all of them. It was all struggle, struggle, struggle.  (more…)