Here’s my little rant.

Why are people targeting Millennials!? 

Ok, so recently, I’ve been looking at new putting seeking out new adventures for myself since finishing up my post-grad studies. Because I’ve been in a mode of job seeking, writing/rewriting/editing resume, looking at job seeking tips, watching/reading motivational job seeking articles and videos and keeping myself sane – I’ve come across articles and videos knocking millennials, saying how crappy this generation are in the workforce.

Heard of the whole avocado theory lately? Yes, it’s just that.

Perhaps it’s being the older part of the Gen Y spectrum, but I really disagree with a lot of how we are being classified.

#1 – Why are Millennials classified as being lazy?

Since when are millennials lazy? I don’t think I’ve ever worked with, managed, been friends with or known of many millennials whom are lazy. On the contrary, I’ve worked with baby boomers who have been lazy (and arrogant), Gen X-ers who are lazy and maybe one or two Gen Y-ers that make me think, “You’re fired for not doing your work” – but that isn’t a generation of lazy people. Millennials are not lazy: Lazy people are lazy! (more…)