Who am I?

Name: Karen Luu

Nationality: Australian Born Asian (Cantonese/Vietnamese)

Occupation: I bring forth the best in people and businesses!

Work Experience: Perhaps check out my LinkedIn

What is KarenLuu.com.au?

Recently, I looked over my old personal blog and realised that there was no way that I could access it any more. The blog was tainted in sadness and pain – now that I can’t access it, I’ve the opportunity to start a fresh new page and explore the new person that I’ve become. I’ve started many blogs and things in the past and was tired of writing for a particular reaction – to me it felt fake. The blogs/websites looked fantastic and were a fantastic read, but essentially wasn’t all me and I lost passion to continue to write for even though I love writing, talking and expressing my thoughts.

KLUUBLOG.com was one that was meant to be about my fashion journey and my designs and thoughts on fashion but it didn’t get any where because I lost direction. It was no longer about fashion, it was solely about life and stories. Interesting thing is that the next part of my journey, I started a new website about life and life coaching.

MindDirectors.com is for my coaching journey. Never really wrote articles for it but I had links to pictures and quotes put up every day on the interlinked Facebook page. This brand made me feel like I had to be very careful of how I wrote about things as I wanted it to be inspirational and not controversial.

4WFW.com.au is for another journey that I’m on with my lovely women. I love the brand and it’s not a website for writing anything personal. It’s all about EMPOWERMENT!

This time round, I wanted Karen Luu to be all about Karen Luu and all about my real thoughts and my real ideas about things that either mean a lot of to me or are truly my opinion about things.

It’s time to grow up, take control and share everything that I’ve learnt, am learning and would like to share while I’m on my journey to be me and love me.

Karen x

+ For all business enquiries please contact me via email: business@karenluu.com.au