An Evening with Oprah!

3 Jan , 2016 Mindset

An Evening with Oprah!

This was a pleasant surprise from my dear friend Diana. She’d been calling me and texting me to call her the day before the big day and I wondered what was going on. She didn’t say anything, so I wasn’t sure. And then I saw her tickets and I knew what it was about.


Since when was Oprah coming to town and why did I not hear about it through my networks of self-development like coaching groups, Tony Robbins groups and business/entrepreneur groups?? What is going on??

I knew this would not have been one of those, “It’s a free car” events but I wasn’t sure what Oprah even this was. Nonetheless, it was freaking exciting!

So the next day, after work and after asking my cousin to drop me off at the station – I walked my ass from the station to my friend’s house… the sucky part of not having a car, “damn you girl who smacked my car good!” *waving fists* – we set off to Rod Laver.

After driving round and round in traffic and seeing old ladies jumping over fences to get to the venue – hardcore diehard Oprah fans, we finally made it in. FAR OUT… SO MANY PEOPLE!



We were excited, OPRAH!!


Oprah, in her stunning orange dress hugging her beautiful hourglass figure, walked on stage to a roaring crowd of women screaming. She started to speak about being in Australia and why she had to come back. Then I started to feel a small judgemental thought coming up….


She’s here to talk about life. About journeys, about intentions. She’s here to do the work like Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins and Abraham Hicks, but she’s not them though.. I’ll admit I did have an initial thought of, Oprah is not a Tony Robbins and to my surprise, it was not a Tony Robbins night.

A night with Oprah was more of a night of story telling and sharing of her story in light with the spiritual teachings of our shared teachers. The overall message I learnt was that, the great Oprah, the legendary Oprah had experienced real human lessons, some dark and more painful than the average person may have experienced. I learnt that Oprah was human and that her success is something that anyone can have.

She didn’t “teach” us things but gave us examples of how these teachings have applied in her life – walking the walk and talking the talk. It was great and so generous of Oprah to have shared her stories, some of which I have never heard of before and the most beautiful thing is that she was talking for 2 hours and didn’t stop. A great performance.

I liked her quote, “I am the Master of My Fate and the Captain of My Soul”.


I liked her metaphor of a whisper being a message, a stone being a urgent call and a brick to mean a full blown disaster.


How many times in life have you felt that it was a brick to the head = a full blown disaster that grew from a small tiny whisper, “It’s time to do something about it”.

I loved how open and vulnerable she was in telling us her story of her sexual assault that left her pregnant and her son, Kainan, that never came into this life. Her story of rebellion as a child, acting out as a cry for help and no one came to her aid. The story of how she changed from the hitting rock bottom to becoming the Oprah that she was today. The success and riches that her grandmother, the humble servant couldn’t see.

“Make sure you find some good white folks to work for”.

And look at the world today.

One of the two things I wrote in my notebook was Kainan. I think I found a match for my future daughter’s name, Cadence. Maybe with a “C” – Cainan. My biological clock or my ovaries talking.

It was an inspiring night. To finish, I leave you with a video with some inspiring words from Oprah.

Karen x




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