And We’re Back!

27 May , 2015 Thoughts

And We’re Back!

And we’re back!! Yay!!

Thanks to my buddy Dusty, we got the site up and running and free from the bullshit that the hackers put into my site.

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote a post.. and I can’t believe May is almost over… I know sometimes the months seem to go by quickly but I have to say, May was seriously over in a blink! Maybe because the last two weeks I have been sick as a bitch and working hard and working hard to get my assignments over the line! Maybe…?

There’s been heaps of changes this month. I feel much better, less emotional and all over the place. Although, last week, being sick and all, I travelled up to Dunkeld (I will document this with lovely .. or not so lovely photos in a subsequent blog very soon) I did get a little bit emotional because of the traumatic drive I had! (Will link the story below)

May has been an interesting month of new beginnings and new experiences such as going to my first footy game, now barracking for the Hawks, went to the grampians for the first time, watching movies alone (yes again, I’m loving movies alone) in Ballarat was great (I watched Pitch Perfect 2), and I have an announcement to make …

Earlier this month, I have decided to join the douchebag club (this is an American thing) and decided to defer my bachelor degree and move on to the degree that I’ve always wanted to be in, the MBAE at RMIT. Yes, I am pursuing something that I was too afraid of doing and despite what others have told me, the direction that I’m walking in, it only seems rational to move into that direction. I’m not doing it because I think it will make me the next CEO or GM, no, I’m doing it because I felt that the degree wasn’t giving me the challenge that I want – the depth for the matter. I felt like the assignments I was doing skimmed the surface and the only way I’ll ever learn to go beyond that is if I worked for another 10 years in corporate.. maybe..

An upside of starting with the bachelors was learning accounting from the bottom. This is a subject that I will repeat when starting the masters and I’m glad the trauma and anxiety I went through was done at the degree level. Now, when I do the masters, I know at least I got the hang of this and am ready to move on the management accounting stuff.

I am proud that the few tests and assignments I’ve done so far in regards to accounting and management, I’ve done exceptionally well. I even surprised myself! I got a 9.5/10 for an accounting test… Like almost a perfect 10! That’s unbelievable!

For the first management assignments – did an environmental scan, I got 94 or 97 or something out of 100… something ridiculous that I even thought… “Dang… that’s the highest mark I ever got in my academic history!”

Well, I guess I learnt how to use the rubric system and learnt how to write better.. I also learnt how to ask questions when I was not sure (things I didn’t do when I did my first degree).

But I’m proud that I was able to achieve such a high score despite nights of feeling so anxious my stomach was burning like hell! LIKE HELL!

So I decided, what the hey, I should be able to handle the masters. My next move is to get a new job, something I can do in the morning because all my classes will be at night. I’m really hoping that I get poached when I start the course. LOL. I deliberately chose to do the MBAE (E for Executive) because I wanted to mix with a room full of awesome people and hopefully one of them will poach me! That’s my goals for the MBAE. Get poached, go to Vietnam for one subject and represent RMIT at the Collegiate something something (a public speaking event).

I looked at the assessments for the subjects.. One of the assessments was to present a business idea for venture capital.. mate, that’s what I have ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!


July is gonna be awesome (and so is August, September, October, November….. hehehe)

I’m also going to finish up the stuff at Swinburne, just in case I completely flunk at RMIT and need to go back to the degree. lol. Well, I don’t like to leave stuff half-arsed.

Another change is I’ve started to do recordings on Soundcloud for MindDirectors – so subscribe if you like listening to funny stuff. lol My commitment for myself is 1 sound bite a day. and I’ve already pre-recorded a bunch and will be recording more. The more I learn, the more I have to share!

Anyhooos.. I shall get off before this post because a huge essay.


PS – I also made a pact with myself. The first $200,000 I make, I will be cutting my hair short short and dying it blonde! Hold me accountable! 😉



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