Bella Box September 2014 – Redemption box? (bonus Violet Box September 2014)

28 Sep , 2014 Beauty

Bella Box September 2014 – Redemption box? (bonus Violet Box September 2014)

Hey guys,

Surprising to see this blog post titled Bella box instead of Violet Box? 

Yes. I decided to chill with the boxes and take a month breather just to re-focus on which box I would like to get and which I could do without. So I stopped Violet box and Bella box, but unfortunately, I did it after the last day so I had to have a bella box for september (couldn’t get no refund). Anyway. I will say that I am better with the September bella box, it does have something that I do like and probably will use! So YAY for that.

So what I’ve done for you beauties out there is, I researched what is inside the violet box and popped it here just in case you were interested.

Final Subscription Box Choices:

What I have now decided after picking and choosing from subscription box to box, is to stick with these three:

  1. Native Box (best healthy/organic box out there)
  2. Violet Box (prefer this any day)
  3. Red Pawpaw (still some minor issues but I’m sure it will be awesome soon)

Ookkkk… Now on to the bella box


What’s inside the Bella Box September 2014:


+ Neutrogena Makeup Wipes RRP $7.99 for a regular 25 pack (so this has 7 wipes.. so $2.25) – Who can say no to make up wipes right!

+ Gelogic Nail Enamel RRP $9.99 (Full sized product) – This is what I like!! Gel polish without UV. I haven’t tried it yet but I am very excited to get this product. Packaging looks, doesn’t look cheap and it’s in BLACK. YAY!! Love!

+ 1000 Hour Lashes RRP $9.99 (Full Sized product) – Yay lashes! These are pretty good, they look ok, not real human hair, but not too fake (think Daiso ones). Glue is the normal white stuff, but hey, if you have the good stuff, it doesn’t matter right! I’m loving this!

+ Germaine De Capuccini Defense Emulsion RRP $143.00 for 50ml (so it will be $14.30 for 5 ml) – What is an emulsion cream? No idea. lol Pretty expensive for what it is.

+ Sleek Makeup Eye Dust RRP $18 – $20 (the eyeshadow is $20) – It is pretty pigmented and you can intensify the colour with a bit of water. Though, I have a ‘green’ eyeshadow again! What is with these shitty green and blue colours that people don’t use!!

*Bonus – Garnier Perfect Blur RRP $16.95 for 22 ml (1.5ml, so about $0.70)

*Bonus – Revlon Colorstay Foundation RRP $34.95 for 30ml (1.5ml, so about $1.20)

TOTAL VALUE = $58.43

Pretty good! I’d have to say I’m pretty impressed this month. First time I’ve actually felt like, wow, that’s a pretty good box from bella box. I’ve been so unimpressed in the last few months, that this box really does make a difference. The products are finally not just your average priceline/drugstore products, but things that you wouldn’t normally see.

The value of this month’s box is pretty good too, $58.43 for the $15 (or $10 if you use the special code below) you spend. Pretty good stuff.

Now let’s see what’s inside the Violet Box for September 2014:


+ James Brown London Scandalous “Fabulously Flirty” Dry shampoo RRP $16.95 – I’ve only tried the small “travel size” dry shampoos that you can buy from Big W and that was like smelly! Strong alcohol smell and so sticky. Wondering how this one would be.

+ Foltene Nail Treatment RRP $29.95 – I’m not sure about this Foltene brand. Last month’s Violet box had the eyebrow and eyelash treatment that I didn’t try. So.. yeah..

+ Starlooks Eye Pencil RRP $21.50 – Apparently really creamy, but $21.50 for an eye pencil?? Really??

+ Polished London Nail Polish RRP $8.00 – Got this one in the bella box last month, don’t really like the smell, but hey, nail polish!

+ Girlactik Beauty Blush RRP $23.00 – Super pigmented from the looks of it. Wow, missed out!! 🙁

TOTAL VALUE = $99.40


DAMN! Almost $100 of value for $22! UMMMM Bargain!!!

I thought the Bella box was pretty good value and then you’ve got the Violet box which blows everything out the water.

So what’s exciting for this month? What is more appealing to you? Either way, if you’re interested in any of these boxes, here are the special codes and links for you!


Final thoughts:

Thank you for reading, I promise next month you will see the Violet box in action. There will be no more Bella box from now onwards, only because I don’t want to have too many beauty products each month as I don’t use everything I get in these boxes and everything is piling up. Violet box is the way to go because of the full sized products I’ve been getting. Although, this month Bella Box did hold up and the products were pretty good!

Here’s the links (use them so you get a discount!)

Get $10 off your first Violet Box code ‘VIOLETBOX10’ –

Get $5 off your first Bella Box –

Whichever way you choose, please let me know and share how you felt about these products!

Have fun!

Karen x




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