Brite Organix – Goddamnit!

24 Jul , 2017 Beauty

Brite Organix – Goddamnit!

Sometimes when Priceline does a 50% off hair products, you really get the chance to experiment with products that you didn’t think to experiment with.

I’ve seen Brite Organix at Priceline and Woolies, but didn’t really think to use it – Drugstore, supermarket bought semi-permanent dye for about $12 a pack seemed not as enticing as the Schwarzkopf Live Colour for around $5. I didn’t know of the Organix brand where as I’ve tried Schwarzkopf before and have liked the result. I used the Schwarzkopf light purple to get a lavender effect and it usually lasts about 10 washes or so.

So since Priceline was doing the 50% (or was it 40%) sale, I thought to buy some organix and try it .. and the saga began.

The first box I tried was the purple (see below). The colour was lovely and I did get a LOT of compliments, but OMG, this stuff hangs on for dear life. No matter how many times I tried to wash it, it just kept staying. It didn’t fade out, it didn’t wash out, it just stayed. And yes, I tried everything!

I tried anti-dandruff shampoo (Heads and Shoulders), I tried cheaper shampoo, I tried washing detergent, baking soda and even laundry detergent. It just did not get out!!!

And what was left, was that I destroyed my hair. Dried it out and it was splitting like crazy. All the hard work and effort I put into protecting my blonde hair – this stupid dye just killed it. So after double washing regularly for about 2 – 3 weeks, I just gave up and accepted my fate. I was just going to have to live with purple hair. Eventually, after washing at least 3 times a week, it took about 3 to 4 months before it came off and was left with blonde hair again.

Image result for brite organix purple

I mean, if you like dark purple fading out to light purple – it’s a good product. I guess I just made a huge mistake for picking purple and I should’ve just stuck with the lavender (which I bought and will try next soon).

Okay, so just it’s now 4 months later and I decided to try the silver colour. So learning from my mistake from last time, I was determined to only leave this shit on for 5 minutes and not 15 minutes like I did last time. Hoping that the colour will stay on for a few weeks and not 4 months.

Image result for brite organix silver

I just washed my hair and OMG… it’s not silver. My hair is greenish-blue. A light turquoise, like I’m an avid-swimmer-chlorine-bleached-green. T_T

Fair out. I’m really not having a lot of luck with this Brite Organix. You know the funny thing is I still have the rose gold and lavender. Fingers crossed that this stuff comes off my hair in a few weeks time. Bloody hell. 🙁




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