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Brite Organix – Goddamnit!

Sometimes when Priceline does a 50% off hair products, you really get the chance to experiment with products that you didn’t think to experiment with.

I’ve seen Brite Organix at Priceline and Woolies, but didn’t really think to use it – Drugstore, supermarket bought semi-permanent dye for about $12 a pack seemed not as enticing as the Schwarzkopf Live Colour for around $5. I didn’t know of the Organix brand where as I’ve tried Schwarzkopf before and have liked the result. I used the Schwarzkopf light purple to get a lavender effect and it usually lasts about 10 washes or so.

So since Priceline was doing the 50% (or was it 40%) sale, I thought to buy some organix and try it .. and the saga began.

The first box I tried was the purple (see below). The colour was lovely and I did get a LOT of compliments, but OMG, (more…)

The Pains of Being a Woman

I’m totally getting into mode now, writing as I listen to Korean love songs. lol

I’ve had some really big revelations and breakthroughs in the last week. It’s been a weird two weeks, a really vulnerable and raw two weeks. I guess I had to go through them to be able to learn more about what it means to be me and why what I’ve been wanting to have, hasn’t happened.

Maybe let’s leave the deep stuff until later – so keep scrolling if you want to skip the next few bits. 

So, about 4 days ago, I did it. I dyed my hair. I dyed my hair a ridiculously light colour! Platinum! Yep. Platinum. It was one of those colours that I said I would do if my business ever made it big. So yeah, kind of jumped the gun a little and did it anyway. lol

It was a really strange day, of all days to forget to bring my phone, that was the day. Because I didn’t have my phone, I didn’t get to show the hair dresser what I wanted or what I had in mind. So I did what I have been doing in the last year when I went to hairdressing appointments (what you shouldn’t do), verbally explained what I wanted.

“Ummm… kind of light brown with lavender and blonde bits?”

Then she clarified with me again later – “So you mean, platinum with like lavender, kind of purple-y-grey?”

To which I replied, “…Yes.” Without even thinking for a split second what platinum purple grey meant.

The result, a big significant switch from having black hair to now having white/grey hair. Yeah.. lol I have granny hair #grannyhair .. I swear for the first 2 days I laughed at myself every time I looked at myself in the mirror. It was so light.

It was after a nourishing session on Saturday with purple toners, conditioners, olaplex and light drying of the hair that my hair finally got back some of its life. The pains of being a woman – I have never in my life invested so much money and time on my hair. Maybe because I am blessed with beautiful healthy hair (that I went and killed), that now I have to resuscitate it. But yeah… the embodiment of what it means to be a girly girl – purple toner, purple conditioner, sulfur-free colour safe shampoo, olaplex, hair oils, spending a long time drying my hair, I bought a boar-hair brush and a couple of hundred $$ later, there’s still things that I can still get to have nice hair. **cries** :((

So naturally, with a new head full of grey hair, I went shopping.. MAN… my hair looks so awesome, it makes me want to buy everything cool I try on… #firstworldproblems

Though, if these were the ONLY WOMAN PROBLEMS I have, then I’d be pretty happy.  (more…)

My Three Months with Bellabox – Review

Nope, I didn’t buy another 3 months subscription. I’ve been too busy to think about boxes and subscription stuff lately. The three month subscription came from Bellabox’s marketing team! Thank you BellaBox!

It was great of them to have approached me and send me a 3 month subscription to give it a go and see how I feel about them.

I’m not sure whether this was during the time when bellabox was changing their box and they were after reviews or service reviews? Though, they did mention that they noticed my review (the one in which I unsubscribed) and wanted to give me a three month trial to see if bellabox has changed to suit me. (more…)

Goodbye Violet Box!

Wow, I wondered why I received two Violet boxes this month and there you have it, I saw the email.

It’s see you laters for Violet Box. At least they have the decency to tell it’s subscribers (unlike the Red Pawpaw folks).

What a shame. Violet box is such as awesome box and it’s a pity to see it go. I guess with our location, the Australian dollar falling and just the whole general public not trusting subscription boxes (or not liking the “trend” of it all) has seen such an awesome thing go.

I’ve enjoyed Violet Box over the year – received some really good products and enjoyed the value that this box offers. It’s just a shame that such an awesome concept is now finished.

I tried to look for the native box (still there) and notox box (have a different concept now, very much like nature box in the US). I wonder if the other box… the one with the blue dots is still around.. or Her Fashion box.. Probably not.

That’s the reality of the Australian market. So small and not many supporters. I fear for what may happen in the future.

Goodbye, Violet Box. Thank you for some great times!


Revlon Transforming Effects Review

Hey guys!

I went shopping last week in Target and came across these transforming effects top coats. I’ve seen them around for a while now and Target just so happened to have a 25% for Revlon and I got a little excited when I found clearance Revlon item (which came down to around $5!) so I decided to get something else from Revlon.

I bought the “Nude Graffitti” topcoat and was really looking forward to the results.. What is this transforming effect thing? What did it mean? How will it turn out?

With so many questions, I decided to grab the nude one.. I have to admit, it was so pretty in the bottle! (more…)

Violet Box May 2015 Review and Unboxing

Hey guys!

It’s been a long time since getting a Violet Box. Just thought I’d get back on the band wagon to treat myself from a few months of hardcore studying and also to get back in time for the birthday box next month! Yes, the cheap asian in me! LOL 😀

Anyway, this months Violet box is awesome as always! (more…)

Violet Box December 2014

Hey guys,

Received the Violet Box for December 2014 a few days ago but only just got myself to sit down and do a quick blog review instead of a video review for this month.

Here is what is inside:


Violet Box Unboxing and Review for November 2014

Hey guys,

Twas a late box for Violet Box for November. But it finally came in on Monday this week. I’ve popped the video on YouTube but have been such a Debbie Downer in the last few days (I shall expose my vulnerabilities in the next post).

Anyway, here’s a quick review and unboxing of the violet box for November 2014. I will most likely give that magnetic nail polish a go soon. Hopefully in the next few days or next week fo shizzle!

Enjoy the video! (more…)

Native Box October 2014

Another quick post – Native Box October 2014

It did come in a little later than normal from the wait time for suppliers to send in the good stuff. Nonetheless, we have it!

There’s number of goodies in the box this month AND they have those squiggly worm paper as well now. LOL Must be the new thing!

Anyway, here is what’s inside the box: