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Too Many Mangoes? Make Mango Pudding!

So it was Christmas recently and I bought a box of mangoes ready to take to my family. I messaged my uncle in our family whatsapp group and he said that he also had a lot of mangoes.

Then I thought, ehh.. I’ll just make mango pudding instead! So, as I raided google, this was the best mango recipe that I found that was easy to make with simple ingredients. I took this recipe from A Kitchen Cat  (more…)

Royal Mail Hotel @ Dunkeld

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It’s been a good month since visiting Dunkeld in May and yes, I finally got around to putting up the pictures and things. It’s been a pretty hectic and stressful few weeks and only now I can breathe for a bit.

As some of you may know, I was up in Dunkeld to present an Online Business Strategy workshop with about 10 small business owners in the area. This is the first time I had ever visited the Grampians. I’ve heard of this place from my friends who have visited and done a photography trip, but I, on the other hand, have never been.

The trip there…

Dunkeld is about 1.5 hours from Ballarat or about a 3 hours trip from the Southeast of Melbourne. I took the Glenelg Hwy from Ballarat which was about a 1.5 hour drive through bush and farm and a small section of deforestation.   (more…)

What Happened to RedPawPaw?

This is a really quick post to express my concern… what happened the subscription box Redpawpaw?

I was actually looking forward to receiving the Winter box and was thinking about it for a while now. So I did my usual thing, jumped on my emails to look for something and to my surprise.. another “Sorry” email.

Wow.. another bombshell.. what is it now?

So it turns out that they are unable to sustain the $5 plus postage because the other suppliers don’t want to pay for postage.. I thought I paid the $7.50 for postage?

Now they have decided to cancel my subscription (without offering me a means to transfer my package to the new $10 per month plus postage package) and they also said that not everyone will get the June box… which I guess is marketing for, “No one’s getting it”.

We didn’t get charged for it but it’s the hassle and sudden departure that got me thinking… “Ah.. ok.. ” (more…)

Red Paw Paw March 2015 Unboxing and Review

Wow finally, the wait is over! Red Pawpaw has sent their first box in three months!

Red Pawpaw had decided to have a seasonal box instead of having a monthly box to allow for time to research and find new and better products to fill in the boxes. The result, a much long awaited box choca-block filled with all full sized goodies ranging from body wash to muesli, to rice, gravy, licorice, fresher, biscuits and tea (Red pawpaw have seriously stocked me up on tea, I don’t remember the last time I bought tea!)

Without even going through the products and doing a price breakdown, already I can tell you this box is worth way more than what we have paid for it ($5 for the box plus $7.50 postage). The nivea body wash and muesli combined is already around $10 – $14 if full-priced. (more…)

Subscription Boxes Update

What happened to the Red Pawpaw box?

I thought I’d just whip out a quick update before I get into a good article idea that I just got from LinkedIn.

I was actually looking forward to seeing the Red Pawpaw box this month and waited and waited for ever for it. I hadn’t seen it in a few weeks and normally they send it around the start of the month. So I checked my email and realised that (more…)

Native Box November 2014 | Should you get it?

Yes, it’s that time again. The cycle of the subscription boxes and unboxing videos. This time, it’s the Native Box for November 2014.

I’m beginning to feel like this box isn’t getting as much attention as the other boxes. I wonder when the hype will pick up. Anyway, check out the box and let me think if you love the box or not.

Here’s the video:


Red Paw Paw November 2014

Super quick post.

What’s inside the November 2014 Red PawPaw box?

Let’s say, lots of food, lots of snacks, lots of yummy stuff and special box of ooozing chocolatey goodness. If you want to know what’s inside, then click the video!


Best Croissants in Melbourne!

OMG, just shooting through a quick post!

The best croissants I’ve ever had. I heard of this a while ago from a friend and only recently did I get to try some. I had a wonderful dinner the night before to celebrate my 30th. We drank a bottle of bubbly. Cried. Laughed. Swore. Talked. Screamed. Ate. Drank.

Before we knew it, it was 11.40PM! I was shocked!

Anyway… so we decided to wake up early the next morning and line up at Lune (29 Scott Street, Elwood, off Tennyson Street Elwood) to try these delicious croissants there were OH-SO-GOOD.

We got there Friday morning at 7.25AM, got the 18th and 19th ticket, waited about 30 minutes in line and this is what we got: (more…)

Red Lantern on Crown

Hey guys!

As you may know, I was in Sydney for the weekend and was lucky enough to get myself into “Red Lantern“. Yes, Red Lantern, Luke Nguyen, Pauline Nguyen and Mark Jensen’s restaurant in Surrey Hills. Was a pleasurable evening and the food was delicious. I literally was so stuffed with awesome food that I found it so hard to walk by the end of the night.

We got the “Saigon Scrumptious” Tasting Menu which had 8 dishes and 1 platter of 3 desserts. I did want to get the Delicious Dalat but knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the wine as well as the food. That would be WAYYYY to fun. (more…)