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Here’s my little rant.

Why are people targeting Millennials!? 

Ok, so recently, I’ve been looking at new putting seeking out new adventures for myself since finishing up my post-grad studies. Because I’ve been in a mode of job seeking, writing/rewriting/editing resume, looking at job seeking tips, watching/reading motivational job seeking articles and videos and keeping myself sane – I’ve come across articles and videos knocking millennials, saying how crappy this generation are in the workforce.

Heard of the whole avocado theory lately? Yes, it’s just that.

Perhaps it’s being the older part of the Gen Y spectrum, but I really disagree with a lot of how we are being classified.

#1 – Why are Millennials classified as being lazy?

Since when are millennials lazy? I don’t think I’ve ever worked with, managed, been friends with or known of many millennials whom are lazy. On the contrary, I’ve worked with baby boomers who have been lazy (and arrogant), Gen X-ers who are lazy and maybe one or two Gen Y-ers that make me think, “You’re fired for not doing your work” – but that isn’t a generation of lazy people. Millennials are not lazy: Lazy people are lazy! (more…)

I finally FINISHED!

I can’t believe I finally finished my masters! WOOOO!!

What an exciting, mind boggling and crazy 2 years it has been. 11 subjects (Yes, I got 1 elective exempted, wooottt woooottt!!), 33 assignments and at least 15 presentations (or more) – my mind has really expanded and I have learnt so much more about business, strategies and most importantly, how I fit in the world of consulting.

I still remember the week before starting the Executive Masters of Business Administration – I was worried about where to park, whether I would fit in and whether I would be able to even understand the material – remember how I was glazed over with the numbers?? (more…)

Happy New Year – A 2016 Wrap up!

Happy New Year yall!

This years wrap up came pretty much the same time as last year’s, even though I thought that I was late!

So month by month ..


This January was the start of the new role as Office Manager and when I finally bumped into my office. Was an interesting learning curve and really challenging. I felt like I was not only juggling between growing up but also the office politics of taking up the role – managing all the people watching me fail and waiting for me to step down. Was pretty difficult but I did what I had to do. It was a time of really stepping up to the plate and feeling energetic and wanting to make changes.

February – March

I don’t actually remember much other than working and starting Marketing for semester 1. I remember the first day of class of marketing and learning of the opportunity to study in Vietnam for free and I was thinking I really wanted to go but wondering whether I could get leave. (more…)

Being 32 – Another Year Older

Ok, this has to be one of the longest breaks I’ve had from my blog in a long while. Goddamnn.. Karen, 4 months!!??!!

lol… Let’s just say so much has been happening lately – Uni, Pole dancing, up and downs in the world of relationships, family stuff, new opportunities, annoying stuff… argh..

To back track on the few posts I wrote a few months ago, I’ve continued to fire and hire people in the last few months – have 2 or 3 on the line to fire but… BUT.. I ended up leaving myself. (more…)

The Pleasure of Being a Woman

So last week it was about the pains and this week it’s about the pleasure! 😀

I spent the morning for a jog-turned-walk around Jells Park – almost died on the way getting there… Need to pay attention when driving… I got side-tracked from “Strathconan”.

Anyway, it was freaking cold, light rain, spitting down but with Tony Robbins pumping in my ears, it was great. It was a great escape. I was listening to the human needs again – certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection – all again.

Only two words describe why people go to see Tony Robbins – Pain and Pleasure. Two motivators that push or pull someone to work towards or away from their goals. Definitely something I needed to hear – maybe not for me, but to explain other people around me. Loving yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own shoes. Feeling good about the person you are. I guess that’s why I see the light in some people and I don’t in some others.

This week, I set out to get back into my fitness. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve been doing anything. I used to, and then I allowed myself to be lazy and stopped. It wasn’t until the dance class I did on Tuesday where it was the first time I looked at myself in that light and made me think.. (more…)

The More You Give, The More You Receive

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and that you enjoyed some shopping!

This year was the first time in a few years that I spent Christmas with family and we had a celebration. As my cousins’ have said, this year we’ve had the best food yet! 😀

Approaching Christmas, it wasn’t the greatest. I was nagging the car repairers and insurance company to get my car back to me before Christmas. So it took a lot of talking, asking questions and suggestions – Ok, firm speech, questioning and demands – just to get my car back. To my disappointment, the car came back alright, but it just didn’t feel right and there were things that were missing. Not a great start to Christmas! (more…)

Recent Mind Shenanigans

So recently, it’s been quite challenging and interesting at the same time. I’ve had many things happen at the same time and made many observations and thought why not record it here. It will seem quite haphazard and a little “jumpy”…

I Didn’t Know I Would be so Calm After An Accident.

So two weeks ago, I was running late to work from feeling shitty from the weekend. My stomach had been really in so much pain from the alcohol that I had drank on Friday (keep scrolling for more details). I was feeling like crap so took a few hours in the morning to sleep in and go to get some proper food at the shopping centre nearby.

While wanting to turn left to get to work, this incident happened.

I was at those slip lanes that was turning left and so I stopped to look at the oncoming traffic. I was being cautious because I didn’t want to just go when it looked like there were cars coming. Unfortunately, the girl behind didn’t think the same. (more…)

Believing in Love Again

This week has been so busy. Working really hard this week to balance between working full time and trying to pump out two assignments. One of which I literally did nothing until last night and this morning and one that I’ve been researching bit by bit all week to try to understand.

It’s been hard.

This week from driving to work, not wanting to go to work, driving to uni, not wanting to go to uni – has been hard. Every time I drive into the city via the freeway, when I’m exiting that M1 patch of the road that I cannot remember the name of it, I think of the past. That part of the road has so many memories of the past. I think about the life I used to live, the person I used to love and the thoughts that I use to have.

This week was challenging because I challenged myself to learn to be calm. Learn to be patient. Learn to not be reactive. I find myself really reactive to things – I get annoyed easily, I’m hot tempered, I get emotionally attached at work. It’s not a good thing.

So Many Changes!?!?!

It’s been so long since I wrote. I think I have a trend of writing that opening statement, but this time, there really has been a long absence since I wrote.

In truth, I took a long hiatus to recharge, recover and commence my new journey. I guess, I wanted to wait a little time for things to settle before I started to write about what is happening.

Well… from where I last left off, I think I hinted about a breakup. Yes, I have broken up and now single and free again! (more…)

And We’re Back!

And we’re back!! Yay!!

Thanks to my buddy Dusty, we got the site up and running and free from the bullshit that the hackers put into my site.

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote a post.. and I can’t believe May is almost over… I know sometimes the months seem to go by quickly but I have to say, May was seriously over in a blink! Maybe because the last two weeks I have been sick as a bitch and working hard and working hard to get my assignments over the line! Maybe…?

There’s been heaps of changes this month. I feel much better, less emotional and all over the place. Although, last week, being sick and all, I travelled up to Dunkeld (I will document this with lovely .. or not so lovely photos in a subsequent blog very soon) I did get a little bit emotional because of the traumatic drive I had! (Will link the story below) (more…)