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Vietnam Intensive

RMIT Vietnam

I have been very fortunate to have scored myself a pretty much free trip to Vietnam recently. Part of the global movement of our EMBA, our marketing lecturer invited all of us to go to Vietnam to do the subject marketing there as an intensive. At first, I really wanted to go but was thinking that I wouldn’t get the leave to go because there was a lot happening at work during that time. However, after some talking and finding out that the schedule allowed me to, I jumped at the opportunity.

I haven’t been back to Vietnam since I was 18.. like 14 years ago, so I really didn’t know what to expect. My friends who have been back recently have said that it was really fun and really awesome.. but there was still that part of me who read all the warnings on those travel safe websites and was still really weary of being mugged, getting food poisoned and getting into trouble.

Nguyen Hue
Nguyen Hue

Did it happen? No, not at all. The first day I set foot in Vietnam, I was blown away. The strict we stayed on was sort of a few streets from the main city centre, Nguyen Hue. So while we were attempting to look for a restaurant to eat – spoiled by the many choices, japanese, italian, western, chinese etc – I had sort of like a deja vu feeling of, “OMG.. I feel like I’m in Vancouver”. The restaurant we ended eating at on the first night was so westernised, I felt like I was in New York. It was so surprising just how much Vietnam had changed.


One thing that didn’t change was the traffic and driving. LOL. First day on the hotel shuttle from the airport into District 1… there were a few break outs of nervous laughter. I just couldn’t believe people in the middle lane were wanting to turn left.. while we were in the left lane trying to drive straight.. huh?


Mildura: Surprisingly More than Just Orange Juice!

Okay, I know that it sounds so ignorant but prior to flying out to Mildura for business, Mildura to me was unknown. In my mind, all I had was country, orange dirt and large plains of land. In my mind, Mildura was similar to Dunkeld but much hotter and maybe more orchards.

I had told my friend that I was going to Mildura and tried to convince her into coming with me. In her mind, Mildura was just orange juice. LOL. She expected to see maybe a large sign for orange juice? I dunno.. it sounds ridiculous, I know.

So anyway, I had no expectations but just good feelings and excitements for going away to a place I would never even think to go.

The outcome: a very interesting and beautiful place.  (more…)

Temples in Melbourne

Earlier in the year, around Chinese New Year, I went on a temple tour with my mum and aunties and uncles.. because I wanted to visit different temples than the ones that we normally visit.

Mate, was it interesting!


500 Asians in 10 Buses

Enuff said. lol

Almost every temple we went to was like… a stampede of asians running to the toilet, getting food, taking pictures and some who’ve made it into the temple for a quick prayer with the master. Tsk Tsk!

I was actually really surprised with a couple of the temples as I’ve never seen them before, never heard of them, never thought they existed and never had a chance to go inside.

So the first temple was the starting point in Springvale, Chua Hoa Nghiem.

Then after the master told us to “take it easy” and not “scare off the temple volunteers” we set off on our coaches to Reservoir… far far away. (more…)

Royal Mail Hotel @ Dunkeld

smoked eel instagram kluublog

It’s been a good month since visiting Dunkeld in May and yes, I finally got around to putting up the pictures and things. It’s been a pretty hectic and stressful few weeks and only now I can breathe for a bit.

As some of you may know, I was up in Dunkeld to present an Online Business Strategy workshop with about 10 small business owners in the area. This is the first time I had ever visited the Grampians. I’ve heard of this place from my friends who have visited and done a photography trip, but I, on the other hand, have never been.

The trip there…

Dunkeld is about 1.5 hours from Ballarat or about a 3 hours trip from the Southeast of Melbourne. I took the Glenelg Hwy from Ballarat which was about a 1.5 hour drive through bush and farm and a small section of deforestation.   (more…)

Red Lantern on Crown

Hey guys!

As you may know, I was in Sydney for the weekend and was lucky enough to get myself into “Red Lantern“. Yes, Red Lantern, Luke Nguyen, Pauline Nguyen and Mark Jensen’s restaurant in Surrey Hills. Was a pleasurable evening and the food was delicious. I literally was so stuffed with awesome food that I found it so hard to walk by the end of the night.

We got the “Saigon Scrumptious” Tasting Menu which had 8 dishes and 1 platter of 3 desserts. I did want to get the Delicious Dalat but knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the wine as well as the food. That would be WAYYYY to fun. (more…)

Durian Ice Cream Recipe

Last year when I visited the wonderful City of Roses, Portland, Oregon, my friends took me to eat a fantastic meal that is forever etched in my mind and the one thing that literally left a lasting taste on my breath was – DURIAN ICE CREAM.

During the summer I bought an ice cream machine from The Good Guys for $10! So I thought I’d give it a spin. I really bought it because I wanted to make Durian ice cream – just as good as the one I tried at the Whiskey Soda Lounge – the bar to go to when Pok Pok is packed!

It was sooooo good and I wanted to recreate it.


So after some great trials and lots of failed attempts, I thought I’d share this durian ice cream recipe that I put together. It tastes just like creamy durian that you get semi-frozen. What more could you want right?

So here goes.. my Durian Ice Cream recipe that tastes as good as the one at Whiskey Soda Lounge! Yes, I said it! (more…)