DIY Samsung Smart Phone Cases

21 Jan , 2014 Fashion,Travel

DIY Samsung Smart Phone Cases

It’s been way too hot to write in the last week in Melbourne, but I did find some good things on the internet.

Check out these awesome Samsung Galaxy Cases!!



If you’re familiar with RedBubble and you’re a bit of a Graphic Designer or Artist then you would love this! Upload your own designs and either share it with everyone (and make some moolah) or upload your favourite photo from a trip overseas and use that as a phone case for your self! So awesome!

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For more information or to get started on your own Samsung Galaxy S4, samsung galaxy s3 or even samsung galaxy s5 (when it comes out), go to or this link

I’m so totally going to do some too!

Going to keep this short! New post in a few days! Something Chocolateyy!

Karen x



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