Don’t want to have “Single” as your status anymore?

14 Feb , 2014 Mindset

Don’t want to have “Single” as your status anymore?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again.. if you are in a relationship, then I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day where you are spoiled with good food, great wine, flowers and a super awesome sexy time!

If you are not in a relationship and dreading the day, then you have got to keep reading this post.

In the last year, as I set sail to the other side of the world, I decided to spend some time to write my thoughts on being single. Prior to my current relationship, I have been a single and desperate soul, hopelessly falling in and out of love with almost any guy I cam across. I’m not kidding. I was the kind of person who will mistaken a nice guy for a guy that is interested in me.

I did all kinds of daring moves like telling the guy I liked him, asking guys out on dates, online dating, meeting with random guys, meeting with guys that my parents have set me up with….. You name it.

It was through speaking with a friend that I thought of writing up my experience and the experience of how I ended up getting out of that cycle. Also, I guess the real gem that I got out of being single (and then writing the book) was realising that being single and falling deep into singlehood or as I like to refer it as, “Singleville”, is all a cycle.

Sometimes being single is not about you. It’s not that you are not pretty enough, not worth it the hassle, not smart enough, not making the right choices – sometimes being single is the game that you play or the cycle that you are stuck in when you have been stuck in Singleville for too long.

So what exactly is Singleville you ask? Taken from the book, Singleville is state of mind when you have been single for a long time and you have tried to be in relationships but they tend to fall short. It is when you start to reconsider whether or not to be in a relationship, that you are in Singleville. Note, that you are in Singleville which is a state of mind rather than you are single. When refering to yourself as being single, you are training your brain to recognise yourself as being a singular person. The long term risk of that is that you get used to being “singular” and being a couple or the other half of a whole, may seem strange to you.

Which is what happened when I first started this relationship. I’m not going to lie to you, I still get jitters and vulnerable moments when my old mindset creeps back in and says that I should be singular and back in Singleville!

This is why it is so important that as a person in Singleville, that you start to recognise your cycle and your patterns.

Interesting right?

If you would like a sneak preview of my e-book, please click on the image below and save as a copy. A new window might pop up and all you need to do is hover to the bottom right hand corner and click onthe “floppy disk” icon to save yourself a copy.

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Enjoy guys and have a happy Valentine’s Day





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