Goodbye Violet Box!

5 Aug , 2015 Beauty

Goodbye Violet Box!

Wow, I wondered why I received two Violet boxes this month and there you have it, I saw the email.

It’s see you laters for Violet Box. At least they have the decency to tell it’s subscribers (unlike the Red Pawpaw folks).

What a shame. Violet box is such as awesome box and it’s a pity to see it go. I guess with our location, the Australian dollar falling and just the whole general public not trusting subscription boxes (or not liking the “trend” of it all) has seen such an awesome thing go.

I’ve enjoyed Violet Box over the year – received some really good products and enjoyed the value that this box offers. It’s just a shame that such an awesome concept is now finished.

I tried to look for the native box (still there) and notox box (have a different concept now, very much like nature box in the US). I wonder if the other box… the one with the blue dots is still around.. or Her Fashion box.. Probably not.

That’s the reality of the Australian market. So small and not many supporters. I fear for what may happen in the future.

Goodbye, Violet Box. Thank you for some great times!




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