Happy CNY! (Glad the Horse is leaving)

18 Feb , 2015 Mindset

Happy CNY! (Glad the Horse is leaving)

Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow asians!

I’m actually home early this year. Most years, my cousins and I would be at Box Hill Festival waiting for the midnight countdown or in the later years, we’ve been at the Vietnamese temple waiting for the countdown.

This year, it was different. I guess old age and because Lunar New Year is smack in the middle of the week, so people gotta work (except me).

I did spend some time with my family though, just having a chat over some cake.

The Year of the Horse was a crap year!

I have been doing a lot of thinking as per usual but I’ve been really glad that the Year of the Horse is finally over. I am a very superstitious person, aww… I guess a more positive way of saying it is that I am very traditional and culturally aware of the Asian culture. I believe in things like Feng Shui and face and palm reading. I know other people out there might find it more of a psychological thing but to me I take it quite seriously.

Last year was the year of the horse and that is the worst year for rats like me (that is, my chinese horoscope, not the conniving bitch in me that I’m referring to). Why is it so bad? Because the rat and the horse are directly opposite each other so in some cosmic way, rats got it bad. Last year, basically was a super bad year. For me it was shaky and confusing views on relationships, very unhappy at work, very unhappy with myself, random speeding fines, paying for so many weddings, losing my job and then screwing up my dream job. Oh da bet luc.

This year, as predicated by the great “So Mun Fong” a famous feng shui master, is a better year for us rats. Money will still be fleeting but that’s due to our spending on silly things (control shopping habits) but relationships will be better, work will be easier and people will generally like you more (good for working with people.. I guess it translates to rapport and charisma).

I’m looking forward to that. Oh yeah baby I am!

What is this #FOMO??

I’ve been thinking a lot about #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I’ve been reflecting on all the things I’ve missed out on and realised that I do have FOMO. It’s not like I’m special for having it because I’m sure everyone has FOMO. But I’ve realised that I still haven’t stopped thinking about the dream job because it’s something that I missed out by just a little bit. Just like all the relationships that I just missed out by a little bit. You know the ones that seem to work out and just feel so right and then all of a sudden it doesn’t work out.

I have a tendency to be like that. It makes me want it more. Just like all the products and things I end up buying because of FOMO. It’s not the greatest thing because I’ll always keep thinking about what I didn’t get and miss out on the things that I do have.

What’s more important is:

– focus on what you got

– focus on the present

– focus on the positive (Did I mention that I went to my Small Business Victoria Workshop Leader meeting and after scoping around the room, I am proud to say that I was THE ONLY GENERATION Y ASIAN FEMALE in that room. Talk about minority trifecta! Very proud to have made it into that room! That’s something I’ve got that I didn’t realise it was very hard to get! Yay me! Check out my business website for more details – www.minddirectors.com)

– focus on speaking to someone if you really feel the need to instead of holding on the grudge

– focus on accepting non-answers, not everything question can be answered (dang.. now I understand why I’m falling in love with problem solving so much, perhaps, transfer the wanting to find an answer on work instead of personal things)

– focus on relationships with all people

Negative Nelly was a Sour Puss!

I’ve also reflected on the person that I was the whole of last year. I deliberately hide away from my friends because I was such a negative nelly. A sour puss. A bitter melon. A dark cloud. I didn’t want to put others in that mess at all. It was not healthy for any one. So hopefully I didn’t offend anyone during the year from my shitty thoughts and negative demeanour.

This year, I really feel ready to rock and roll. I know one thing now, I love work where it solves problems and has something to do with people – consult, coach and mentor. I was tempted to apply for a fashion job again but I knew it wouldn’t go any where.

Goat Goals

My goal for the next few weeks until I start uni again is practice doing case studies. I dunno why, but it’s probably going to be the closest thing I have to doing “corporate” work, so I thought I might give myself a head start. And when the time comes to do them, at least I’m SUPER prepared.

My mind is set. I’m going to stick with the bachelor of business management. I had a quick mini chat with RMIT (they called me) and I told them that I still needed to think about it. I re-looked at the subjects and they changed them. There’s slightly more subjects in management, I feel. And I think I would get more management techniques from the degree and also I would be able to do other subjects like commercial law which I requested to do.

It’s almost the Year of the Goat and already I’m starting to feel better and more calm!

Anyways yall, have a great Lunar New Year. Wishing you all prosperity, peace, love, luck, wisdom and happiness. I needa get myself to the temple in South Melbourne tomorrow! 😀



Karen x




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