Happy New Year: 2015 Highlights

3 Jan , 2016 Mindset

Happy New Year: 2015 Highlights

Happy New Year Everybody!

Wishing you all had an awesome end of year and celebrated with a big bang! 

What an interesting year 2015 was (I wrote “has been” but 2015 is now over).


It started off quite roughly this year – the after effects of losing my day job last year had rolled into the start of the year. I was really desperate for a job, anxious because I didn’t know when the next pay cheque was coming and I was still so depressed about who I was and what I couldn’t do.

The start of the year had many rejections. I applied for quite a few jobs, received lots of rejection letters; went to a few interviews; was rejected from all the interviews; met up with a few potential employees from the past and was rejected from virtually all of them. It was all struggle, struggle, struggle. 


A good start though was that I started running workshops for Small Business Victoria – adding a new element to my facilitation repertoire instead of solely presenting Drink-Driving education programs all the time.

From feeling like a total idiot and stupid from my business/consulting weaknesses, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Management stream and started with management 101 and accounting as my first two subjects. This was a super challenging time to “go back to school” for the first time in so long and to learn subjects that were so new it was scary.


As the months went on, things were still not picking up. Instead, I was getting really depressed and anxious and decided that it was time to ask for help and hence I sought out a coach to work with.

From there, I decided it was time to end a relationship that wasn’t going to work out and wasn’t what I had intended. A heart breaking moment in my life, though defining as I was able to pick myself up from losing myself completely and started to make decisions based on what was right for me.


A month after that, I went on my first SBV adventure and drove all the way to Dunkeld – bottom of the Grampians, a place I’ve never been. Through this epic journey, I experienced the scariest drive I’ve ever done alone and the scary drives just continued to be scarier as I drove through the remote, eerie bushland to Halls Gap. Though I did have a fantastic culinary experience! 😀

I also did a short stint in market research work – calling hundreds of restaurants in Melbourne for 5 days. It was definitely an interesting experience but one that I will never do again. I absolutely hated it and it caused me so much anxiety. I did get wine out of it. So that’s a good thing! 😀

Almost halfway through the year, the first two .. actually it was three subjects were finally complete and the results were fantastic. It was the first time I had ever done an exam and first time being in a large examination hall with so many people. I wrote like a crazy person and aced it!


As a result of doing so well, I decided that the degree was not working for me and I needed something that was more challenging and would help me grow faster to catch up to my goal and my dream of working in facilitation/consulting. I decided not to enrol in the MBA program at RMIT but decided to try for the MBA Executive program at RMIT instead. I got in and I was excited.

Around this time, because of all the changes that had occurred, I did have a lot of anxiety and panicked. What was I going to do, what job did I want to have, how was I going to get to school in the city, would I fit in, would the workload be super hard. I didn’t even have an idea of whether I wanted to study full time or part time yet.

At this time, I also decided that working as a Drink-Driver Trainer and Assessor was not going to work with my MBAE schedule and finally decided to leave that life behind and move on to a new workplace – a full time role in customer service.


The next half of 2015 was fantastic.

I changed my habit of sleeping late and was fast sleep by 11PM each night! I woke up early, picked up the work at my new workplace really quickly, enjoyed having a laugh and lots of fun with the team and made new relationships with new clients.


I also started my MBAE program and the 4 Day intensive was one of the best trainings I’ve done ever! I’ve never felt so “this is where I belong” before – the new people I’ve met were awesome, the activities were fun and lectures we had were great. The only one thing that was a downside was the one lecturer who made a comment about young people. I felt that was slightly rude and uncalled for. Other than that guy, everything else was great. The highlight of these four days was the “pitch” where I got to do what I love and I felt the adrenaline rush through after our 3 minute presentation.


Around this time was also a time when I had my second SBV adventure to Mildura! I know I still haven’t really showed the pictures and did a proper post about Mildura yet.. This time the trip was via air, so that made life a whole lot easier. I also drove a Nissan Pulsar and noticed how slow my car was at home. Mildura was such a pleasant surprise and next time, I will definitely stay longer so that I could see more – even just one more day longer.

My birthday was around the corner as well and this year was special! I had celebrations with different parts of my life – my family, my friends and my workplace! 😀 Lots of cake and food to celebrate becoming 31!

Then it was the big exam. The second time in my life that I went into a large examination hall and just wrote like a crazy person. lol


Towards the end of the year I had my first car accident! It was actually the first time since the start of the year that I did go into a depression – but only for short bursts. Oh man, not having a car was hard – loss of independence, loss of mobility and just making life so much harder all around. Just getting the car fixed and getting it back took so long and it took so much out of how I usually lived. Though, finally, I got my car back after channelling the new persuasive tactics that I learnt from my new clients (from them doing it to me all the time) all to get my car back.

Oh and I almost forgot, this was a month that I got to see my hero – Oprah. What a great surprise! I will have to write about this as well!! So many back logging of events to write about!!


By then, it was Christmas and New Year. Although, quieter than the last few years, this year’s festive season was spent with my own family and friends and being where I wanted to be and where I felt comfortable to be.

In contrast to last year, I was actually promoted this year to Office Manager, a new challenge.


And that was 2015. In some ways, it seems like I didn’t do much – just work and study. Though as a personal growth journey, this year has definitely been a big change and a great journey. I have definitely moved on and let go of a lot of things and it’s the first time in a long time – possibly a decade – that I’ve felt more aligned with myself and more at ease with who I am. I definitely feel a lot more calm and peaceful and focused – something a lot of people have commented about me.

I no longer feel less than and instead I feel enough. I feel worthy and I feel good about who I am and what I can achieve.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year is that I’ve to make decisions based on what is right for me and not what is right for others. I’ve seen my life and my health dwindle from the decisions and pathways I’ve deliberately picked against what I believed in just for the sack of making sure people around me were happy – work, family, friends and relationships. These have all impacted on me worse than the feeling of eating crap food. The emotional drain, the pressure and loss of energy or motivation to live.

Just making two good decisions – leaving my old job and starting a course that I’ve wanted to do for so many years has made a huge positive change in my life and my energy. I smile every time I get to uni and look forward to the assignments we are challenged with. Just where I want to be and doing what I want to be doing. I’ve met such great people and continue to be surprised with how awesome it feels just to do what I want.

2016 I’m wanting more experiences, more challenges to grow. I will still be studying, still working, still waking up early. I am ready for new love, new friendships and new adventures. So here’s to creating a great year ahead and learning from the lessons I’ve learnt this year.


Karen x



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