Happy New Year

30 Dec , 2013 Mindset,Thoughts

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve been so busy during the last week and now resting. There was gifting, making Christmas treats (will share more about the truffles I made), lots of dancing, drinking and a wedding in the mix as well. Phew

I cant believe its almost the end of 2013!

My last post was about my lessons I learnt. I thought I might write a post about the things I’m grateful for this year. 

1. Canada – as lonely as I felt, I am very grateful for meeting lots of new people and learning more about a culture I literally new nothing aboot (eh!) before early 2013. I am grateful for the freshest fish I’ve ever had and the amazing  landscapes we would never have in Australia.

2. America – thank you for making me feel welcomed. Thank you for loving my accent and always letting me go through customs with ease because you guys are awesome! You don’t know how many times I’ve walked in and out of America and Canada and Americans are so much more cooler with us Aussies. Although I did have some trouble in Seattle towards the end. Though, they were awesome enough to let me visit New York, San Francisco,  Portland and Seattle before I had to leave.

3. My friends – I’m grateful for having good friends who keep me sane and remind me of what support and friendship is. Although the time difference can be such a bitch between North America and Australia, we made skype convos happen!

4. My Drink-Driver Education workplace – thank you for letting me go away for so long and see the world. Thank you for still having a job for me when I got back and always giving me a playing field to strengthen my skills.

5. 4WFW & Peta is Best – thank you playing with me this year and creating 3 fantastic workshops to empower 100+ women this year. We’ve had our ups and downs but we made 3 events happen. Thank you to all the women that took time off and came to our events. It wouldn’t have happened and been successful without. Our reports indicated 100% satisfaction with wonderful feedback and praise to help us in the future.

6. My Coach buddies – thank you for being a part of my growth in allowing me to help you and thank you for your generosity to help me out. My biggest lessons Ive been taught this year is to do what Karen Luu wants to do, share what Karen Luu knows, be and appreciate who Karen Luu is. From this I started to blog again, gained the cobfidence to share truly my thoughts without holding back, writing my first e-book and learning to decipher between my thoughts and other peoples thoughts. I’m proud that I finally finished my ebook – just over 20,000 words with a large handful of swear words to add a bit of spice. Im proud that I finally got it done! I planned it in Canada, wrote the plan and chapter names along rivers, lakes, planes from Victoria BC to the US to Australia. Lots of learnings.




Please check it out and share it if you think it’s also a great idea!

7. The Coaching Institute – thank you for hanging around and giving me space when I needed it and for remembering to call to make sure I know I have people to back me. Thank you for celebrating my completion of qualifications and your kind words and gifts!

8. The Academy of Design – thank you for giving me an opportunity to shine and really know that I love guest speaking and presenting. I loved every moment to inspire others and give them a fresh look into where life is heading for them and give them the confidence to grab every opportunity possible.

9. The Universe – thank you for the teachings and lessons you’ve given me this year. I still don’t know where I’m heading this year and I’m sure you will make it a good one. Thank you for reminding me not to give up and not to take the easy way out. I’ve learnt more about persisting, project management, management, business and intentions more than ever.

10. My parents – thank you letting me grow up and be the almoat 30 year old that I am and for being cool about how I do things.

11. Finally, my boyfriend – thank you for being the person you are and for doing the things that you did. I think you tested me the most this year and really gave me the clearest reflection of myself to help me get my head out of the clouds. Thank you for making things easy for me to be myself and not worry if I’m stuffing up.

I should thank myself too right?  For being the person I am and for integrating the parts of me that I was afraid of or did not like. Thank you for accepting me and embracing me.

I think my journey thus far has been very interesting and small things have come up that has reminded me of what I must do now. So for 2014, I’m intending to see these things happen:

1. My ebook gets traction, sells 10,000 copies and I publish it as  book on amazon and sell thousands of copies worldwide.

2. Buy my first house before I’m 30

3. Have a Scholarship for MBA for creative people

4. Teach design students creative business

5. Coach 50 people this year

6. Create a passive income stream

7. Build business for my friend and learn how to build a large business from a small one

8. Design and complete at least 1 tailored jacket

9. Create 30 entertaining and useful videos on YouTube

10. Paint a series of floral paintings

11. Integrate my healthy lifestyle activities to my life now


12. Send letters and cards and things to friends overseas.

These are my goals and I’m happy that they arent the usual goals I had made in the last few years that were so money orientated. It’s all about growing, giving, learning and sharing.

So be sure that you will see more of me amd I will share more of what I have learnt in the months to come.

Til then, have an amazing New Years celebration and I’ll see you all next year.





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