Highlights of 2014!

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Highlights of 2014!

Hey yall!

I think it’s the tradition to do a highlight or recap of the year before New Years.

I was just saying to my friend that 2014 was a tough year. It was also a really expensive year. A year of realisations, lessons, changes and ends. Here is a list of memories, of up sides and down sides of the year that was and also a final thought of 2014.

They are not in order. I tried to put it in chronological order but it was too hard. I also tried to put them in “good” and “bad” but that was also too hard. Let’s just go with the flow??

So, here we go:

1. Expensive Year

2014 was so expensive. So many weddings to go to (five weddings this year and some where family members, so more $$, and one was interstate as well. Ahhh $$$$

My car/driving was costly as this year – two speeding fines and two parking fines $$$. Busted wheels, busted belts $$$.

Oh and my 30th birthday party. Far out, that was a SUPER EXPENSIVE month. Not just the party but all the bills and things that I had to pay, all in the one go. $$$$$$$$$$ And may friends turning 30 and all the gifts that I bought! Ahhh $$$$$$$

2. Weddings and Babies

Like I mentioned, I have attended five weddings this year – all in different places in Melbourne (one in Hobart). All fun and good food. And many of my friends have had babies this year as well! A sign of getting old when all your friends are getting married, are married or having babies (and some having a second baby).

3. Settled my thoughts of Fashion/Dress-making

At the start of the year, I helped my friend make her wedding dress and that sparked the idea of going into dressmaking. That idea led to the thought of perhaps working in the industry and starting off in buying and gradually moving into merchandising where the big bucks were. Eventually, that lead to an interview and realisation that I don’t think I could live off $30k a year and working hard as ants. Finally struggled with the concept of “Will I ever be a fashion designer again?”

NOW – my final thoughts are, I will always love my craft of dressmaking, designing and good fashion, however, I do not like the industry and the lack of creativity or acceptance of creativity in the market. People don’t buy designs they buy clothes.

4. Luke Nguyen – Red Lantern

Man, this was a great memory. Yummy Vietnamese food. SO GOOD. I am still wanting some of that big ass prawn! Mmmm

5. Interstate trips – Sydney and Hobart

I didn’t go far away this year but Sydney and Hobart was pretty good. Sydney was good for food, lots of food. Hobart was beautiful. We didn’t spend too long there though. Good views and landscapes.

6. Filming YouTube Videos

First time after a long while I started making videos again on YouTube. I know I said I was going to do weekly favourites, but that got quiet after like 5 weeks. I tried my best but too much was happening and it really did feel like no one was watching. No point right?

7. Making money from Subscription Boxes

In the last six months, I have made around $500-$600 just from talking about subscription boxes. I’m happy with that!! First time ever have I made money from writing a blog! Love it! And thank you to those who have clicked on my links and used my codes! Thank you!

I have actually stopped violet box and native box because financially I can’t fork out an extra $50 for two boxes that I don’t use the items very often. I still have the Red Pawpaw box and audible subscription because I eat the food and I listen to the audio books. (LOVE IT)

8. My Credit Card Stolen

Oh man, this was a nightmare! Imagine looking at your account and seeing -$5k that you didn’t use. I did end up getting every penny back, which is great! Even though, it feels like I am still short a few hundred dollars. At least everything was back.

The downside is that all the accounts and bills and things that were linked to this account was cancelled and some organisations are still trying to get a hold of me. Man that sucks balls!

9. Realising that Friendships need Nurturing

This year, I realised that not everyone is a friend and that good friends are not always good friends. This year, I came to understand that you can’t hold on to a friendship and hope that forever it will be the same, especially if you don’t put the effort into making it happen. That becomes hard. I’ve learned to let go. Put the focus on me instead!

10. Finally accepting that I have Skills and Achievements

I have written so many versions of my resume this year. I definitely was soul searching! The good thing about writing so many versions is that I really got better at understanding what I have achieved, what I am good at and what exactly do I do as a job. I’ve really gotten to terms with certain qualities and grouping the qualities together instead of wanting to show the potential employer that “I can do everything!” (which can be mistaken for, you can’t do shit).

11. Making Karen number 1 in my life

Big part of turning 30 was learning to stick up for me, to listen to me and to stop needing to make other people feel good, feel better or please them. I won’t lie, I still have times when I feel like I need to “please” someone or do what they want me to do, though, it’s becoming increasingly easier for me to just say “no” or just do my own thing.

12. Being made redundant

This wasn’t a happy memory but it needed to happen. It’s almost a month since the day and it’s a lot easier now. I have definitely accepted it and am looking forward to starting fresh somewhere else. I don’t think I could go back to that office again and work there again. I’m glad it’s happened. Five years working in an industry that I really didn’t have a thing for was probably not a good idea. I should have wrote a better resume earlier, tried harder to get a job and move out ages ago.

13. Turning 30 and getting Ugly

I spoke about how expensive it was, but turning 30 was an interesting concept. I think I stopped worrying about getting married and stopped worrying about having children. Right now, I am only worrying about not being able to work in a job that I have wanted to work in. I’m not even worrying much about having a business. I just want to have a career.

I also stopped worrying about what I look like when I’m shopping or just going down to the shops. Which is odd because every time I look in the mirror, I stop feeling like I’m that pretty young hot girl in her twenties. I’m starting to think, “Ugh, look at that fat ugly old 30 year old bitch” – in the nicest way possible. I just don’t feel completely happy in my body and skin. I’ve been wanting to lose weight and get back on my alkaline diet. Possibly, a new job might help me lose the weight. Right now, I’m not used to seeing this chubby white marshmallow. No matter how much make up I put on, I just can’t get rid of that chubby white marshmallow look. sigh. Thirties, you bitch, I have to really start getting a healthy eating regiment and put some exercise into the routine as well.

14. I don’t like Alcohol any more

I have actually stopped wanting to have a drink as much as in my twenties. I’ve not wanted to feel drunk or be in a head spin. I have had a few drinks during the Xmas period and that has been some what fun, though, it’s not something I enjoy any more.


Oh man, definitely a BIG highlight of the year. Big shout out to my friend, Fiona, for organising and introducing this game “Exitus” was so awesome! I loved it. It gave me a thrill in my life, an awakening to a much blasé and “meh” year of whining and avoidance. Exitus really lit me up big time! I felt that energy and that buzz. I literally couldn’t sleep because of the buzz that I was feeling afterwards.

16. Winning a Tender

Yes, this was also another highlight of the year! I won my very first tender ever! It’s not for a big job or big project, but the idea of winning a tender really made my week!

17. Losing My Voice

How could I forget, I lost my voice for a whole month (in March)! This was really the beginning of a year of thinking and planning (possibly projecting thoughts to the Universe) my future because I couldn’t keep working in the same job as it was unstable. It was horrible man, not speaking for a whole month.

18. A year of Confusion and Conflict

I have to say, 2014 was a year of learning about the all the things that I thought I had right only to find out that it was all wrong. The things that I thought were wrong, turned out to be right. Lots of confusion and conflict in  thinking about myself and my life, where am I going, that sort of thing. Really confusing myself.

19. Playback and Improv

This is the first time ever since Drama in Year 10 that I have acted again. Doing Playback this year has really opened my eyes to acting and the professionalism that you need to have. I also exposed myself to something completely outside my comfort zone and it really has helped with my presentation and facilitation skills.

This is also where I have met some awesome people especially someone who does what I have little knowledge of but loved the sound of it. Yes, Innovation Facilitation. When she told me what she did, she really did lit up my life as well. I felt really “Buhhzinngg!!” She made my day for sure. When we had our coffee, I really felt, “Yes, I believe again”.

20. Feeling vulnerable and having no safety nets

Being redundant and having the thought of not going back to the same place again has really energised me to think about where will I be heading. I want more than anything to be working in the environment that gives me a zing and gets me to believe again.

I’m ready to start fresh, start new and the thought of not having to go back to how things were is actually quite refreshing.

21. Donated my hair!

Omg, I totally forgot until I saw the post. I donated my hair this year! I finally cut off the long bits and pieces and have shorter, easier to manage hair. Although, it helps a little with how I look, I am still not 100% convinced that I don’t look like a “si lai” (old married lady) and I’m not married.

22. End of HIMYM

That happened this year right? I saw my photos and I thought that it happened this year. Up until now, I still haven’t watch any episodes of HIMYM at all. Not even the earlier episodes.

I have seen the alternate ending though. I thought it was shit. The one they aired made more sense even though it wasn’t the happiest of endings. The one they showed actually fits the series and ties it up better. Perhaps the writers shouldn’t have played with the Robin Barney thing too much if they knew it wouldn’t last.

Final thoughts – recap of 2014

Even though 2014 was difficult with lots of challenges, changes, differences, conflicts and lots of financial strain, I managed to make it through and still have some enjoyable and fun memories along the way.

I am grateful for the experiences that I have had and for the people who have contributed to my life in 2014. Good or bad, these experiences and your contribution have helped me to grow the fuck up and become the woman that I want to become – even though I still need time to accept the womanly body and appearance that I have now instead of looking like a little girl.

What do I look forward to in 2015?

I actually feel like this will be a good year. I’m not sure whether I said this last year, my hunch is that I probably didn’t (I knew that the year of the Horse would not be a good year) but I really do believe that stepping into 2015 as a 30 year old will be a great year of new beginnings, new challenges and new pathways.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a new job starting mid January and something that will keep me on my feet.

Have a great New Year people and here’s to an even more exciting year ahead!

Karen x



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