How to Enlarge Your Breasts Without Surgery!

10 Jan , 2014 Beauty,Fashion

How to Enlarge Your Breasts Without Surgery!

If you’re like me, flat chested and waiting for my breasts to grow, but nothing has come out. You’re too scared of surgery and always keep forgetting to do those breasts massages and things. Then this trick is for you!

It’s not so much a trick as an understanding of how them boobies work and to really know what we’ve been doing wrong. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard of it. AND NOW? I’m really impressed with how easy and quick the fix was!

What is this secret you ask?

It’s very simple. 

But before I get into it, let me tell you more about me. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought that I had small boobs. Mine popped out when I was about secondary school and since then I’ve waited for them to grow. As an Asian petite framed girl, I have always thought that an A cup would be all that I could get to. B cup if I was lucky. I tried other bits and bobs to make them look bigger, ie the chicken fillets, but doing these in the long run wasn’t really going to be great.

Over the years as I grew older, I felt that my boobs haven’t grown much and certainly haven’t really hit that spot that I wanted. Since hitting 27/28 years old, I’ve gained a little bit of weight and I am starting to get back fat, fatty arms and my body just didn’t look right when I was looking in the mirror. I remembered watching some women’s empowerment videos on YouTube and attending some events and hearing that it was important to feel confident and sexy. So I had investment in a couple of really padded push up bras to make myself feel better! Yes boobs looked good, but body was still not right.

Over time though, the bras stretched out and it didn’t seem to do it’s job as well as it did in the past.

It wasn’t until I was just YouTubing and watching random videos that I cam across “Yu Kiu” or Ava Liu, a HK actress (star of Lan Kwai Fong 3), singer, celebrity and YouTuber, that I became aware with what was going on. If you are cantonese or can understand cantonese, I really recommend that you watch her video! Her YouTube Channel is

OMG what an inspiration!

The secret to enlarging your breasts without surgery is as simple as wearing the right bra!

Yeah. I know. It sounds too simple, but they say that 80% of women in the world wear the wrong sized bra. From doing research, it seems like many women are not only wearing the wrong cup, they are also wearing the wrongly sized bra. Yes, devastating.

I have always heard of the importance of getting fitted and wearing the right bra because it’s good for your posture and good for support. I always thought this was mainly for the busty women who had more boobies than I. Little did I know that I was wearing the wrong bra sister!

Wearing the wrong bra not only is super dooper uncomfortable, it also pushes your boob fat towards your ribs and then get spread around the upper body such as around the underarms, your back (hence the back fat), and even your arms!!! Mind BLOWN!

By wearing a properly fitted bra, you are not only supporting your boobies, supporting your back properly and healthily, lifting the weight off your shoulders (like literally), you are also re-sculpting your breasts and putting all the “fluffy bits” (as I heard in another ladies video) to the right places!

I know right! Who would have thought that wearing the wrongly sized bra would do so much damage to your image?!

How to know when you are wearing the wrong bra size?

The thing is most women wear a bra with a size too big and a cup size too small. I think, once upon a time, long before we had more variety in cup sizes, we kind of had a wrong impression with what boob size should fit what cup. I know I certainly always thought that I had to have Pamela Anderson boobs to be able to wear a DD cup bra. Therefore, a lot of women (like me) would opt to pick up a “modest” sized cup like an A or B if they were thinner because they thought that this would fit better.

quick bra

A wrong bra would feel uncomfortable. If you find that your bra is:

1. Riding up your back,

2. Straps getting “too loose” and you need to shorten it,

3. Feel like your boobs are squished or “spilling” from your bra,

4. Your nipple is not in the centre of the bra (if you’re wearing a push up), and

5. Your back fat or “fluffy parts” is all over the place

then chances are that your bra size is too big (or the bra has past it’s used by date and has stretched too much) and your cup size is too small for your breasts.

Having the right cup size is the real magic. They say that over time, your bra size may not change that much because your rib cage doesn’t really grow much, it’s the cup size that changes. The right cup size will mean that all your boobs, breasts, breast fatty tissues will wind up in the right place. Therefore, sometimes, you might think you are an A cup, but matter of fact, you are a D cup!

However, the cup size is only relative to the bra size. Meaning, that even though you might be wearing a 10D or 28D, the cup itself would be smaller than someone who wears a 34 C or 14 C. However, the difference in … cup allowance (good explanation??) will differ from cup to cup within the same bra size. Therefore, the most important part of a proper bra fitting really is to get your bra size right first.

To do this, all you need is to have a measuring tape, boobies and maybe a friend.

Step 1: Strip down to your bra. Wear a newer bra, preferably without padding.

Step 2: Gently lift your breasts up a little, exhale or just breath normally, and have your friend measure around your rib cage, just directly under your breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor (not riding up at the front or back).

Step 3: Round it up to the nearest inch (eg. 33′ 4″ = 33′) and then you always go to the next inch if you have an odd number, so for instance, if you measure as 33 inches, then your bra size is a 34. Obviously, it will be slightly different here in Australia (as we don’t use inches). Though, I find that using inches is easier, so I went ahead and found the conversion chart from the website.

Band Size Comparison

UK 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
US/Canada 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
France 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130
Poland 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115
Germany 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
Australia 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28

So there you have it! A perfect bra size. Having the perfect bra size is important if you want to have bigger breasts because the support that you should be getting from your bra is from the band around your breasts and not from the straps. That’s right. If you want that lift, that perky breast shape, you need to be wearing the right sized bra and it should feel snug. Only then can everything beat gravity!

The right sized bra will mean more comfort on your shoulders as then your straps won’t need to be doing all the work. For extra comfort and support, buy bras with thicker straps. Straps should be feeling snug and not either sinking into your shoulders or falling off your shoulders (this happened to me quite a bit). Apparently, a lot of pressure from your straps on your shoulders can cause neck pain, shoulder pain and migraines. Yes, I had all of this because my bras were wrong!!

Finding the right cup size

In terms of the cup size, they say you need to measure around the biggest part of your breasts (around the nipples area) and then find the measurement. You then subtract the measurement under your breasts from the measurement you just obtained and the difference will tell you what your cup size is.

For instance, if your biggest part around your breasts is 38 inches and under your breasts was 33 inches, then your difference is 5 inches.

And it goes like this

1 inch difference = A Cup

2 inch difference = B Cup

3 inch difference = C Cup

4 inch difference = D Cup

5 inch difference = DD Cup

and so forth, such as E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K, KK (I think in America it might be slightly different).

SOO… back to our calculation, this person we hypothetically measured with a 5 inch difference will fit perfectly into a 34 DD! Ta da! So easy! This is why I say the inches method is a lot easier than the Australian way of finding cup sizes.

Though, a lot of youtubers and bra fitters have said that different bras fit differently, especially across different brands. So what I suggest is that you establish your bra size and have a rough idea of what cup size is you, then when you go bra shopping, just grab a few cup sizes in your bra size and just try it on until it is comfortable.

The correct way to wear a bra

I thought this picture I found on Google explained it well


A well fitted bra should …

I have to admit, a well fitted bra feels super comfortable and flatters your body. So far, I picked up a 12 C full cup (I would’ve liked to try the 10C or 10D, but they didn’t have anything in a 10), thick band, thick straps, lightly padded t-shirt bra and it’s been so comfortable for my girls and I’ve seen a huge difference to my body. I look like everything is in the right place, boobs are perked up and my back fat is non-existent! So remember, a well fitted bra should:

1. Keep your posture looking good,

2. Support each breast, and

3. Keep all your bits and pieces in place.

(To be honest, this is the same as wearing the right sized clothing. Wearing a size that fits or a size bigger can sometimes make you look skinnier than trying to fit into a size too small!)

Long run

From Yu Kiu, she said that you should be looking into buying some bras with thicker bands across the body, thicker straps, full cup and no extra padded for push up and wear this for 6 months and you will see a difference. To be honest, I see a difference already! She also said that when you’re wearing the right bra, immediately, you will see a difference in the size of your arms. That, I haven’t seen and I’m hoping that in the next few months my body will change and look slimmer.

Then I don’t need to start any new diets! Muahahahaha!

Do this now ladies! You must, you must, you must! If you want to go to a professional Bra fitter, then do so. I know bra fitters are available at Target, Myer, David Jones and Bras n Things. If you’re in North America, I’m sure your Macy’s, Nordstrom and other places would have them. If you’re lucky enough to be in Hong Kong, then, from Yu Kiu’s recommendation, you should head to Causeway Bay and visit Mrs Choi – apparently the Boob Doctor/Queen. Whether you are a celebrity, actress, normal person, rich, famous, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has to wait in queue to get fitted!

Or you could just do it yourself.

To Happier Boobies Everyone!


Karen x

ps- there were other things that Yu Kiu spoke of, but for now, let’s just get the bra thing right! 😉



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