菊の家 | ‘Kikunoie’ is Japanese for House of Chrysanthemums. I chose this name to signify the florals that I have designed for home wares to create a house of flowers. 

Flowers have always been a beauty to me and the freedom and peace that I have found from digitally drawing/painting flowers have inspired me to create again. In my life I have spent a lot of time focused on learning, education and sharing knowledge – all of which I use my creativity on in the sense of thinking of different ways to explain cognitive and logical theories. After a decade, this is the first time I have ventured into design again – really embracing colour and allowing myself to be free.

KIKUNOIE is very new and still a start up. I must have changed the business model and strategy a few times, but in an age of customer and business disruptive changes, I have kept myself agile, allowed myself to fail quickly and to embrace quick and adaptive change.

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