Korean Cosmetics

5 Dec , 2013 Beauty

Korean Cosmetics

Ever since the BB cream came in my life last year, I have been addicted to Korean Cosmetics. What I really like about them is that it is affordable and reasonably priced for what it can do – and I would say that most Korean cosmetics actually perform a lot better than a lot of cosmetics out there!

I am not much of a cosmetics person and I would not call myself a make up guru – not at all. My make up routine in the past was moisturiser and then a drug-store foundation power. There was even a time in my life where I JUST used the black MAC Eye Shadow that my friend bought me and a liquid eyeliner and that was it. Oh and blush. Another Drug-Store item.

It was only when I was YouTube surfing as you do that I heard from one of the guru’s about BB Cream. I started looking into what BB creams were – and thanks to Lindy at Bubzbeauty – I finally decided on purchasing my very first BB Cream, the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream (in No.23 Natural Beige). This one, I have to say, is the most well known and I know every make up guru has one. I have to say, the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is my favourite one yet. Yes, it is a little thick and white, but trust me, I used this one when I was in Canada and it did the job! Great coverage and actually quite moisturising.


Since then, I looked into the “Dewy” look and the Skinfood Red Orange Jelly Bb Cream (Spf20 Pa++) No.2 Natural Beige caught my attention. I absolutely love this one as well. It was light, mouse-like, smelt so yummy of blood oranges and after applying it on my face, it just blended away and was flawless.

Those two products made me feel quite content for a while. They were great to use and both were inexpensive. However, like anything in the world, the next best thing came along. The CC Cream.

I must say, I have not really done much research into CC Creams, only because there aren’t that many out there. Until the Drug store brands came along. Then BOOM.

Right now, I am only using the Rivecowe CC Cream and the Holika Holika Face to Face CC Cream. Both are amazing and works well with me but I loving the Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC Cream(SPF32 PA++) #02 Natural Beige. I only use the CC cream now and nothing else. The problem with my skin is that it has red patches here and there. I am blessed with great skin that has not been affected with acne scars or blemishes so CC cream works best for me. I will probably do a review on these later on.

It really was these products plus the sudden need for skin care that really really got me into Korean Cosmetic and Beauty Brands like Holika Holika, Innisfree, Tonymoly, Etude House, Skinfoods, Its skin, Laniege and many more. From not knowing anything, I am starting to learn more and more about them and am trying to build up my collection as I go along.

What do I like about them? I like that it’s good to use and it really does make a difference.

My first adventure was to look into a mask to deep clean once or twice a week. I started with buying the [Innisfree] Super Volcanic Jeju Pore Clay Mask and that has really helped to clean up my white heads on my nose! I then looked into buying some sheet masks or something moisturising to put on my face afterwards. I tried out the Nature Republic Aloe gel and that works wonders!

My next adventure is looking into Sleeping Packs. I have ordered the Tonymoly Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack 100ml, so I am looking forward to that!

I will do more reviews as we go along because I feel the need to review some of the products I’ve listed above. Let’s just say, these products are awesome! I absolutely love them and I really recommend that you get them too!

If it’s only one thing you get – Get the Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA 92% GEL ($10 on Amazon), OMG so worth it. It’s soothing, refreshing and super moisturising! Love Love Love!


It’s super popular and many people use it during summer to put it on their skin to cool down. Would be good too if you are prone to sunburns by the harsh sun we get in Melbourne (wish I has this when I burned like crazy last year).

Other ways you can use the Aloe Vera Gel (from the Nature Republic site, so cute)


Anyway, until next time!




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