My Dear Bomb By Yohji Yamamoto

14 Sep , 2014 Fashion,Thoughts

My Dear Bomb By Yohji Yamamoto

This story starts from back when I first started this website.

I was doing some research on some fashion designers to “follow” where they were up to because I felt so out of the whole fashion scene. I came across Yohji Yamamoto, one of my avant garde heroes in the fashion world. Even though he is doing well again now, he had gone into bankruptcy in 2009 due to the Global Financial Crisis.

Yohji Yamamoto with an Asian squat

Yohji Yamamoto in an Asian squat

From there I found, “My Dear Bomb“, an autobiography from the great man himself. Was I in awe or what! An autobiography of Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion journey, life and especially what happened during that time. I felt like I needed some inspiration. So I set out to the book stores in Canada to look for it.

It wasn’t there. 

I searched on Amazon and found it. I did think of buying it then but I wasn’t sure why I decided to wait until I returned to Australia.

Yohji Yamamoto

Anyway, fast forward 1.5 years later. Only two-three weeks ago I decided to google it to buy the book for my birthday. A little gift to myself. Found it on Amazon.

The book costs $699.99 and $39.99. I was shocked! Why was there such a big price difference? So obviously, I clicked on the $39.99 one which turned out to be around $75 Australian with shipping costs. At that moment, I thought, what the hey, a birthday present right?

Last week I heard the postie knock on the door. I thought it was a subscription box, so I ignored him thinking he will leave the box at the front door. I walked outside thinking, “Awesome, must be the notox box”, all to see that there was nothing. In that instance, I knew I missed my special parcel. I power-walked to my letter box and to see if the once dreaded Red Pick-Up-Parcel slip was there.

The red slip with K.Luu marked. OH YEAHH!!

All excited to see that AusPost red “pick-up-parcel” slip, I raced down to my local AusPost to collect. Yay! This is it!!

I opened the packaged with my keys in the car because I was too excited to wait until I went home. The sight of bubble wrap got me thinking, “Dang, these guys are professionals”.

I pierced through the bubble wrap. OMG… pure heaven. Such a beautiful and artistic cover. Black on Black. My favourite. The sides of the pages – black as well. Lovin’ it. 

download (2)

(Not my picture) Such a beautiful black book.

I saw the slip on the front of the book it had Japanese writing on it. This gave me quite a discomforting feeling inside.

“Please don’t tell me this book is written in Japanese”. 

I used my keys again to pierce through the plastic shrinking wrap which enclosed the entire book, keeping it safe from any weather damage.

Beautiful. Almost plastic front and back covers. Not your average cardboard.

I flicked over the first 100 pages or so to get to the crux of the book and looked inside.

FUCK. It’s in Japanese. 

My heart sunk. They must’ve got my order wrong. I raced home after work, jumped right on the computer, went straight to the Amazon, clicked right on orders and investigated.

Scrolled down the page.

Language: Japanese. 

Shit. I can’t believe I spent $70 buying a book that I can’t read. Am I going to have to learn Japanese just so I can read this book??!!

I looked for “My Dear Bomb English” and out came those $699 books. OMG. I looked every where.

Because this book is not in stock any more, it’s now $699.. and mind you there are some people selling for $1000. What the hell. It’s just a book.

I decided to keep the Japanese version any way. At least I have a copy. I still can’t believe it’ll cost me the same as a ticket to Hong Kong just to get this book. I’d rather go to Hong Kong. Maybe I have to raid the libraries. Or hopefully I can get a copy from somewhere.

Please Yohji Yamamoto, please re-publish your book. 

Karen x


(Maybe I will)




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