Koala Bear Hugs

16 Aug , 2014 Mindset

Koala Bear Hugs

Weeklies 3

A week just seems sooooo quick right? So quick. This week I decided to keep things shorter but spending more time on the actual favourite moment. I’ve thought that materials are not always the things that make us happy and decided to include highlights and even things that I have enjoyed.

This weeks highlights:

The products mentioned:

Sukin Hair Protein Treatment: Loving this stuff! So Awesome!!

Naturalus Australia Paw Paw Ointment: Love the smell, love the feel and love how it moisturises!

Both products (or variations of it) can be purchased from Priceline. OR if you are interested in getting the subscription boxes that have products like these ones, I have promotional codes for ya!!

Violet Boxwww.violetbox.com.au –  Use CODE ‘VIOLETBOX10’ to get $10 off the first box!

Native Box (August ONLY)www.nativebox.com.au – Use CODE ‘NativeAug14′ to get a special.. did say what but I’m assuming $10 off as well. 

Farmville 2 Country Escape and Farmville 2 on Facebook. I suggest playing Farmville 2 on Zynga so that you can get free stuff from the Right Hand Side Panel… and another tip, you can ONLY delete farm goods from Farmville 2 Country Escape (mobile or tablet version) if you are close to or are full in your storage barn. So if you have stuff you want to get rid of, just fill up your barn with something cheap and then delete the item before deleting the cheap stuff or make something out of it (perhaps making flower out of wheat).

“When is it My Turn? Understanding Singleville and Getting the Hell out” – FREE PROMOTION on Amazon during August 17th to 19th 2014. Please remember to get yourself a copy or share and spread the word to people who need it! The book is great!! And I’m not just saying that because I wrote it!

Please copy and paste the following:

“FREE Promotion for “When is it My Turn?” EBook – Download for FREE from August 17th to 19th 2014 – http://goo.gl/x85SBL”

THANK YOU and I love you forever!! ;D


I do have a lot of thoughts on my mind lately.. I still don’t know how to express them yet.. Whether through typing or speaking. Once I make up my mind, I will share what’s going on.

Til then, take care yall!

What has been your favourites or highlights this week?

Karen x



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