My Three Months with Bellabox – Review

5 Jan , 2016 Beauty

My Three Months with Bellabox – Review

Nope, I didn’t buy another 3 months subscription. I’ve been too busy to think about boxes and subscription stuff lately. The three month subscription came from Bellabox’s marketing team! Thank you BellaBox!

It was great of them to have approached me and send me a 3 month subscription to give it a go and see how I feel about them.

I’m not sure whether this was during the time when bellabox was changing their box and they were after reviews or service reviews? Though, they did mention that they noticed my review (the one in which I unsubscribed) and wanted to give me a three month trial to see if bellabox has changed to suit me.

October 2015 – #1 box

The first box that came was a bit slow – it took so long before it got to me. My first impression was bleh – the products felt the same and the overall presentation felt the same. Though, the best thing I got from that month (October box) was the eyelash curler (I did try it but didn’t really work) and the mini coastal scents eye shadow palette that I haven’t tried yet.

A tiny image but that's all I could get from the website.

A tiny image but that’s all I could get from the website.

November 2015 – #2 box

The next box November, I remember looking at this box and thinking the only cool thing in there was the Carmex jasmine and green tea lipbalm. I love carmex and I loved the Loccitane Green tea and Jasmine fragrance so this was really good. I don’t remember anything else that stood out from this box though. I didn’t get the round soup as per the image and I didn’t remember receiving the nail polish either, just another of the Laqa lipcrayons… in the same coral colour… ahhhh… I’m so over this colour I have heaps of samples of this same colour.

November 2015 Bellabox

November 2015 Bellabox

December 2015 – #3 Box

The last December box came pretty quickly – was two weeks or maybe even just one week after the November box. This box was different – they stopped using the blue box and just had the brown. I don’t mind this actually – I was just collecting blue boxes which ended up in the bin because I had many of these boxes holding stuff in my drawers. There was definitely more stuff in this box but still things that didn’t really stand out to me as much. There was one full size item and a few deluxe sample-sized items. Tampons went straight to the bin. The colour hair powder thing.. I dunno might suit a younger audience.. I mean even the clearasil was for younger teenagers right cause I remember using that when I was a teenager.

Bellabox December 2015

Bellabox December 2015

Final Verdict

All in all, it was nice that bellabox gave me three months to trial again from my not so great experiences with them in the past. The verdict, as much as I want to like them, I just don’t feel like this box is for me. The products may suit a younger audience whom like to try new stuff but this as a subscription box, it doesn’t have the same wow factor as violet box had. Maybe they will get to that soon as the December box definitely felt a lot more “fuller”. Or maybe it’s because I felt that the story or curation of the boxes were not making sense to me? I dunno.. I mean I got fake tan, tampons, perfume samples, hair colour and some nail stuff.. I mean they should all work but maybe it didn’t fit me because these were things that I wouldn’t use?

Would I buy the box, probably not.

Should you buy the box?

I think if you’re looking for different stuff each week to try and you’re a lot more into new stuff for a good price, then I think the bellabox is definitely worth a try. I have an on and off relationship with bellabox in the past. What really annoyed me this time was that the postie didn’t leave the package at the door and it kept going back to the post office. That was annoying.

Anyways, that’s what I thought. Let me know what you guys think. Would you continue with bellabox?

Karen x



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