Nail Art #1

2 Apr , 2014 Beauty,Fashion

If you have followed me on Instagram (@kluublog) then you would know that recently I have really been into nail art!

Yes, the girly girl in me has gotten back into doing my nails!

Well, not just because the girly girl in me, but also because I have really enjoyed using nail art as a way to express the inner artist in me. I have really enjoyed watching videos on how to use dotting tools and how to paint pictures using nail polish.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve been doing earlier on (I have been wanting to put all these ones out for a long time, so yes, there will be a few designs here, I’ll also link them to amazon if you wanted to get it, amazon is the best!):


My first attempt at “Ombre” nails!

This design was the first one that I did when I was in Victoria BC, Canada. I guess I was really bored and was YouTube surfing as per usual when I came across a video that showed you how to do a “Gold and Silver Gradient Nail” design (or what is now known as Gradation or Ombre). I was really interested and intrigued on how to do this. So I went to a drugstore in Canada called “London Drugs”. Mate, it’s big! It’s like our Priceline plus Chemist Warehouse plus 7Eleven (?) mixed in one with a bit of JB Hifi on the side. I guess it’s not as big as a Kmart or Walmart but it’s not small either. I enjoyed going there. I don’t know why, I just liked having the little bits and pieces all in the one place. Every week, I would drop in and just look to see if there were any deals. Oh, this was one of the little places that sold “Tim Tams”, yes, Tim Tams in Canada. Yes Tim Tams outside of Australia!

Anyway, every week I’d come in and have a look at different things, especially the nail polish wall. Mate it ain’t cheap. OPI was selling at $10, Essie at $11-$13, Revlon at $10. The cheapest nail polish that seemed to be on sale a lot was Sally Hansen which was around $4 – $6 once in a while. So on this special day after watching the Gold and Silver gradient video, I bought an OPI base coat and the Nicole by O.P.I Modern Family, Luke Of The Draw. That’s when it started.

From there, every time I went to Target, Walmart or London Drugs, I would go to the beauty section and see if there were any sales on nail polishes. There really was only Sally Hansen and Sinful Colours on sale, the rest was still pretty pricey. Yes, still cheap compared to Australian prices, OPI $18 – $20, Sinful Colours $4, Sally Hansen from $12 – $8 and Essie nail polish $17 from Priceline.

Expensive. That’s why, now that I’m back home in Melbourne, I visit Priceline once a week and look for deals. I’m not too fussed if it’s not OPI, as long as it works, it’s affordable and it looks good.


First attempt with flowers on nails – bit messy and couldn’t control the bobby pin. 🙁


My first attempt at creating flowers. Here I used a bobby pin. Glitter Polish is from Maybelline.


Getting bettter at painting my nails – no more painting outside of the nail and on my skin (was what I used to do)

This is a new favourite of mine, from the Rimmel Kate Moss range – Classical Red 706 and my new favourite top coat the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. So awesome! Dries quick and super glossy!


I was giving the black and white glitter a go. I really had a thing for black and white glitter, but this one was the Etude House PBK803 CoCo Black on top of the same Kate Moss Rimmel Red nail polish and Black Out by Sally Hansen and White Out from Sally Hansen as well. I had this ombre look in mind but it didn’t turn out as well as I would’ve liked. Will need to try this one again.


Gold, Bold and Colourful!

Gold, Bold and Colourful indeed. I had lots of comments from people on the street for sporting these nails. It was really bold. I used Sally Hansen Black Out and Golden-I for the main black and gold flowers, the Etude House PWH901 Fire Works multi-coloured glitter (absolutely love this one because there’s so much glitter) and I used the OPI I Snow You Love Me for the insides of the flowers – to give it a bit of glamour but also to try it out.

The next two were create because I really wanted to use the confetti polish from Etude House – #WH901 Fairy Floss. Yes, by now you would realise that I LOVE Glitter polish!


Wanted to use the confetti polish for the trees, but it took a lot of layers to get the chunkiness I wanted.

This was a flower, spring look that I created. The pinks and blacks were from OPI and Sally Hansen but I need to mention that the light blue polish was actually from Daiso and it was great! $2.80 can’t go wrong right! Only down side is that it really smells… you know that strong chemical smell.. I don’t like it, but with a layer of Seche Vite, you can’t smell anything else but that. lol


Inspired by this cute Parisian “Artist” pen given to me by my boyfriend’s mum.

Finally, I used the confetty polish from Etude House on just the tips… but because I was layering the polish, it ended up in the middle of my nails. lol How I envy girls with pretty long nails.

I don’t wanna bombard you with more – but I know you know that there are more if you follow me on instagram (@kluublog).

I will eventually pop up the rest of the designs and hopefully start to blog more about each design as I go instead of putting a whole bunch up at the same time.

Anyway, until next time.




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