Native Box June 2014 Review and Unboxing

19 Jul , 2014 Beauty,Food

Native Box June 2014 Review and Unboxing

Hey guys,

Tis an old box but I can’t wave the box in front of you without showing you what’s inside. That’s just rude!

I have put up a quick video with the goodies inside the June Native Box 2014. I have eaten the chocolate so far. That was interesting. Very intense orange flavour and very smooth. I can’t believe that it’s vegan friendly and Halal as well. Dang.. so awesome! If you want your box or if you’re still not sure how it works, check out their “How it works” page on the site.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe or like. I thank you kindly for your support! 😀

Karen x

ps – Use the code “kluublog” to get 10% off the Native Box!



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