Native Box October 2014

30 Oct , 2014 Beauty

Native Box October 2014

Another quick post – Native Box October 2014

It did come in a little later than normal from the wait time for suppliers to send in the good stuff. Nonetheless, we have it!

There’s number of goodies in the box this month AND they have those squiggly worm paper as well now. LOL Must be the new thing!

Anyway, here is what’s inside the box:

Here’s the recap of what’s in the box:

1. EMMA Organics facial fluid and hand & nail revive RRP $20.35/50ml and $18.35/50ml respectively (so it’s about $2.03 + $1.83 for both sample sizes) – Packaging looks inviting!

2. Anerah SKincare organix mint Lip Balm RRP $7.95/5ml (we have probably 2ml, so $1.40) – did smell quite minty and it wasn’t green. I thought real mint would be green. Must’ve been my hallucinations.

3. Sukin Organics hydrating cream cleanser RRP $9.95/125ml (it would be roughly $4.95 for the 50ml) – I have tried a few sukin products and so far they have all been good. My body is a bit dry from our dry hot weather that’s coming into Melbourne so this is really handy!

4. At ONE Foods, Raw Food Bar in Banana Pecan RRP $3.50 – did I mention that I have seen these products sold at the airports and they are expensive! So I’m glad to see this one in the box to try before I buy next time. Even though, I am a bit suss about the Banana part of the bar, I’m still interested to give it a go.

5. Vitarium Sugar Free Hot Chocolate $7.26/200gm (about $0.70 for 15 grams?) – Looking forward to trying this out with soy milk this time. Would be so creamy and yum!

6. Essentially Natural Citrus Blast Dishwashing Liquid Sweet Orange and Clementine RRP $14.95/500ml (so this would be $1.50 for 50ml) – smells so good! Is a better alternative to the other chemicals we use to wash our dishes.

7. Alter Eco Mini Dark Noir Chocolate RRP $1.69 – I love this chocolate. I love it so much! so smooth, so creamy, so dark, so good. AND it’s organic and FAIR TRADE. Good for the soul!

All these great products in October 2014 Native box.

TOTAL = $17.64 

Really? Or have I miscalculated. As much as I thought this box was a little less impressive than most months, I suppose the value of the products is not too bad. I would definitely eat the chocolate and drink the chocolate, the rest I would probably just leave it there until a good day passes when I feel like giving it a go.

Nonetheless, each month Native Box does offer a great box with wonderful products. Maybe this month was a bad month for them? I don’t know.

If you’re interested in giving this box a go and want a 10% off your first box or from your purchase from the website, use my code ‘KLUUBLOG’ at check out!

Yes, Renai from Native Box has been so kind to give this for you guys! If you’ve ever wanted to try organic products or even if you’re starting to buy Christmas presents, this box is definitely a good one to get. And why not use the 10% while you’re at it! Can save you a bit if you’re buying a few boxes (don’t forget, this is JUST the classic box, Native box has other great boxes!)

Here’s the link if you want to check out Native Box –

Here’s the code again – 10% off with “KLUUBLOG”

Thanks for watching/reading. I hope you enjoy your boxes. I’m hoping next month’s Native Box will be more ‘WOW’ (and hopefully more chocolate!).

Lots of love and gratitude to you. 

Love you,

Karen x



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