Native Box versus Notox Box September 2014 Review and Unboxing

18 Sep , 2014 Food

Native Box versus Notox Box September 2014 Review and Unboxing

Yes, it’s the time of the month again!

This month, I decided to film the boxes separately but do a blog post comparison, so you can see the products on their own but see the boxes side by side.

Let me start off with my thoughts first, this month I have changed my payment cycles so that I can receive the Native box as it comes out without having to wait 2 weeks after the boxes come out. So I was stoked to see both boxes arrive one day apart! This is a first!!

I received the Notox box on Monday and the Native Box on Tuesday. Here is what is inside these boxes!

Notox Box September 2014 Unboxing

What’s inside:

Organic trail mix (Notox Brand RRP $4.95 50g) – A lot of different nuts and things. Looks clean and not cut up.

Citrus Face Spritz (Notox Brand no pricing, Let’s give it $5.00?) – Feels refreshing and cooling

Melrose H2Oil Supreine massage oil ($23.00 for 1 Litre, $2.30 100ml, about $1.30 for 50ml) – Interesting, will use it one day on a spicy weekend

Dr Karg’s Seeded Spelt snack (RRP $5.50) – haven’t tried these yet but they look yummy!

Orange Pekoe & Bergamot tea (no price, Let’s say $3.00) – This was a little strong when you smell it directly. I’m looking forward to brewing it to see if the notes of orange pekoe will show.

Chamomile, Lavender & Black tea (as above, $3.00) – this had calming chamomile smell with a sleight hint of lavender. Excited to try this out

Alter Ego organic fairtrade “Noir” chocolate (Around $2.00 for 20gms) – Always love fair trade chocolate! And I love dark chocolate as well so this was fantastic!

TOTAL VALUE = $24.75


I think this box is great in the sense that it has a great variety of products ranging from snacks to tea. What I didn’t like was that everything was packaged in notox bags which gives the illusion that they are really giving you samples of the products that they sell. I’m not sure whether this is the case but it is disappointing when you subscribe to a box that is meant to give you trial samples from other businesses and not their own.

I’d really love to see the Notox box as it was in the beginning when there were many products from other businesses.


Native Box September 2014 Unboxing

What’s inside?

At One Foods, Raw Food Bar (Incaberry & Cacao) RRP $3.50 – I’ve eaten this one already and it was good. I loved the cacao infusion as it tasted like chocolate, almost like cherry ripe but without the guilt!

Piranha Chicca Chips RRP $1.50 – I’ve tried this one as well. Puffy potato chips, not as puffy as I would like as it kind of tasted stale in a way. The flavouring is great. Piranha does that soy crisps stuff in lime OMG that stuff is sooooo goooddd… I may have to get my hands on that one!

Probiotic Solutions, Room Spray RRP $7.50 – good bacteria in the room.. interesting.. must spray carpet with it! 😀

Essentially Natural, Aloe Vera & Lavender Fabric Softener, RRP$9.95/500ml (~$1.00 for 50ml) – this smells devine!

Eat Rite, Nature’s Cuppa Ceylon Organic and Fairtrade Tea RRP $4.90/pk of 30 bags – good to see organic AND Fairtrade

Sindhiya Soapnuts RRP $9.90/200g (~$1.00) – interesting concept. I’ll talk more about it one day

Essentially natural Organic Coconut Chips RRP $8.95/500g (~$1.00) – haven’t tried, though coconut ships.. is that sweet?

Anerah Skincare, Anerah Organic Recovery Eye Cream $39.95/15ml (~$13.00 for 5ml) – this is an exciting product. I’ve been interested in eye creams and to see what they’re all about, so this organic one would be interesting.

Total Value = $33.40

Though, it looks like there are a lot of things in there! From household to food to drink to makeup. DAMNNN!!! Value!


I really enjoyed the Native box as always. I really liked the variety where there is a mix between food, drink, household and beauty – each month. The consistency is fantastic and the box is packed with care and attention – you can tell that they respect the food, the products, the concept and most importantly, the customer. Another aspect that I enjoy is that the food is “edible”. It’s not over the top crazy organic or as I have heard some friends in Canada use the term, “granola” or ecclectic or weird or out there. This is important because somone who wants to step into the world of organic and natural and raw probably won’t be keen on a Turmeric Drink (Yup, still knocking it because I haven’t drank it).

Who wins this month?

Let’s look at the value, Native is $33 and Notox is $25 in value. Though both boxes are $25.00 to purchase. Notox does offer more edible options with some beauty. Native on the other hand has a bit of everything. Native, I opened and ate stuff already. Notox, I opened and ate the chocolate.

Personally, I still think the Native box is consistent each month and it is only going upwards. The first box I received had tissue paper and boring brown cardboard. Now it’s getting more green, packaging looks a whole lot more fresh.

Notox, the first box I received had different kinds of products. The last few months, I’ve been seeing notox branded stuff.

Let me know what do you guys think? What is your opinion of these two boxes?

Until next month, keep snackin! (I know I am now starting to pile up on heaps of snacks and household products and things!

Karen x

ps – Use the code “kluublog” to get 10% off the Native Box!



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