Native Box Versus Notox Box

22 Aug , 2014 Food

Native Box Versus Notox Box

Battle of the Healthy Subscription Boxes

Yes, another instalment of the “Battle of the Healthy Subscription Boxes”.

Last month, Native Box was head on with Notox Box and each both had just as much value and fun as each other.

This month, who will take the victory belt? Or will it be a tie again?

Watch the video to find out!

Yes, I have gotten rid of the titles and things.. Just want to keep it clean and simple. Even trying to go without music for the first time! And, yes, I’m not sure why I said, “… similarities ARE ARE” … I must’ve been having one of those stuttering moments..?

What’s inside the box:

Without going into tooooo much detail, this month’s Notox Box and Native Box both had different focuses. The Notox Box this month had more food than the Native Box, although, the Notox Box tends to have more food than anything. This month the Notox Box also had a DRINK! I don’t know whether it’s a great thing or a scary thing but it’s a turmeric drink with cinnamon in it….. which kind of sounds like drinking watery cold curry..

I will make sure I let you know what it tastes like if I ever feel game enough to drink it!

Other things inside the notox box this month are:

  • Moxie Organics tampons
  • Fiona Wall Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies
  • Cereal Puffs
  • Organic goji berry Miracle Bar
  • Bounce protein ball (I had the macadamia)
  • Dried Papaya “Pep Me Up Papaya” (sold at Notoxbox website)

What about the Native Box?

The Native Box, on the other hand, focused on beauty and body products with a few snacks and a drink or an elixir.

The highlight of the box for me are the bonuses which is the Vabori Olive Leaf Extract Elixir and the Meditree Tea Tree purifying face wash.

Other products in the native box are:

  • Koala Popcorn
  • Essential Dried organic figs
  • Anerah Mineral Rejuvenating Mask (in powder form)
  • Pure Papaya (Paw Paw) Lip balm
  • Essential coconut oil
  • Sustainable Party Pack

So many products!

If you had to pick, which would think was the winner this month?

My final verdict is that I find that the Native Box had more variety and was more user-friendly. The products were interesting and there was a blend between food and beauty. The Notox Box in August, I found was a little bit too organic and eccentric. I think perhaps if they had hid the moxie tampons underneath, it may have been less scary. OR if the drink was something else maybe it would’ve been a little easier to digest… Ha literally.

Anyway, value wise, they both look great. Though after some calculations and estimations, it seems the Native Box is en par sitting at around the $28 – $30 in value range and Notox Box didn’t really make it to even the $25 that we spent on it. That’s my guess anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the August Healthy Boxes. Let me know what you think of them

If you want to grab any of these boxes, I’ve put the links below. I know Native Box is doing a promo, so click on their link below and use the code “kluublog”.

Native Box –

Notox Box –

Enjoy your boxes!

Karen x



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