New Ways to Sell Your Product #1: Subscription Boxes!

13 Jun , 2014 Beauty,Food,Thoughts

New Ways to Sell Your Product #1: Subscription Boxes!

Hey All!

I just had to do one of these to share with you this new obsession of mine. I’ve yet to receive the three June boxes that I’ve subscribed to: Bellabox, Native Box and RedPawPaw. I’ve received the May boxes for Bellabox and Native Box and some things were actually great to use and some weren’t that great.

Any way, these boxes just gave me great inspiration of what you can do with your business or the vlog is just a little entertaining way of seeing how things work!

I actually uploaded this video a week ago but did not find the time to actually pop it on the website……

here it is now!

Enjoy and I will speak to you really soon!

Karen x



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