New ways

17 Apr , 2013 Thoughts

New ways

Wow. Really.

There are so far many different things in Canada or, I guess, different ways of doing things. Im sick and only now do I know who the medical clinics work here. As a tourist, I cant go to just any doctor but I must visit a walk in. Which means that I cant make an appointment and I just have to walk in and see where I would be on the list.

In Australia, ive always called in the morning, rocked up at my time and waited about an hour or two. Thought I couldnt wait at this place.

To make the most of it I chose to stay nearby and go eat instead.  I either go home and find some way of getting back or again or may kill time and do what I wanted to do over here.

How life is different where ever you go.
Whether you chose to assimilate and fit in is the question.

Well when you’re sick,  you don’t really have a choice.  But I’m a fighter.

Though I understand that when you’re caught up in a shit place you get shitty thoughts.  I know I asked for this sickness.  I probably need it to appreciate good health, Australia and won’t take my body for granted.


I’m going to sit here and slowly enjoy my salad.  It’s got to last me an hour so I can kill that much time.  And think of all the things I should be doing,  all the things I’m grateful for and put together a list of things I want to do.



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