Overwhelming Gratitude

24 May , 2014 Thoughts

Overwhelming Gratitude

It’s almost 3.00am and I’m still not able to sleep.

I’ve tried to drain the energy with mind numbing games (Farmville 2, you kill me) and even watching a few episodes of kitchen nightmares with my hero Gordon Ramsey.

When I finally turned of the TV, my brain started to go into thinking mode.

“Shit I forgot to send the invoice and confirmation.”

“I wonder how many EBooks have been downloaded tonight.”

“Dang it, I forgot to write a post.”

“Where did my notes go? And I can’t remember the wonderful words I wrote that night.”

“I should just get up and write.”

Mmm yes… all the greatness of being a nightowl.

All in honesty though, my thoughts are of how grateful I am to be experiencing what I am experiencing in this moment.

Im proud of who I am right now. The Karen Luu who has a clue. (Ahhh rhyme)

I feel so very lucky to be working with a client right now. Even if it’s just one client – I feel blessed. I love the work I do and most importantly,  I dont feel lost at all. AND im not “faking it until I make it”. I genuinely know what’s going on and what the next step should be. I know I’ve improved so much since I first started because I’m not worried to fuck up AND I’m not thinking that I know what’s happening when I don’t.  I accept that I dont know where we’re heading, walk with my client and tell her what’s happening.

I feel great to know that what I can share makes a huge difference to soneone.

Another achievement I feel is receiving great feedback for my Singleville book. It’s amazing to hear how much they love it and want to read it again. That’s what you want to know about your baby. The other thing is that 46 copies have downloaded since the promotion started on Tuesday. Besides facebook and a few emails, I virtually did nothing. When I saw the numbers, I was stoked!

That’s a total of 52 copies out to people and I’m hoping they love it too and spread the word.

Right now I feel like this is beyond money. I feel success in the sharing of my thoughts, my observation and my knowledge.

Of course I welcome the millions of dollars that is coming and even more exciting (and my little secret) – I really would love for this book to be a bridge to meet Oprah! 🙂 I have never stopped wanting to meet her!

My thoughts are that I hope the book makes it to 10,000 copies and then I’ll launch it. Have a celebration.

When it makes it to 50,000 or better, 1,000,000 copies (big jump, but let’s think big) I really want to start on the next book as the follow up. I already have ideas and I want to hear more from my readers to really know what they want to know.

I also want to start seminars again, a workshop to enhance the experience of the Singleville book and push more sales.

Another triump, I used to hate sales. I feared sales. I was scared of sales. Now, I’ve come to appreciate sales – without it a business wouldn’t be a business.  It’d be a waste of time.

The other thing I’m beginning to love is negotiation. Gosh it’s fun.

I really hope I get into more exciting things with “When is it my turn?”
It’s like watching my child learning to ride a bicycle for the first time.

Go further. Go further. Go further.

You’re awesome.

Karen x



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