Goodbye Violet Box!

Wow, I wondered why I received two Violet boxes this month and there you have it, I saw the email.

It’s see you laters for Violet Box. At least they have the decency to tell it’s subscribers (unlike the Red Pawpaw folks).

What a shame. Violet box is such as awesome box and it’s a pity to see it go. I guess with our location, the Australian dollar falling and just the whole general public not trusting subscription boxes (or not liking the “trend” of it all) has seen such an awesome thing go.

I’ve enjoyed Violet Box over the year – received some really good products and enjoyed the value that this box offers. It’s just a shame that such an awesome concept is now finished.

I tried to look for the native box (still there) and notox box (have a different concept now, very much like nature box in the US). I wonder if the other box… the one with the blue dots is still around.. or Her Fashion box.. Probably not.

That’s the reality of the Australian market. So small and not many supporters. I fear for what may happen in the future.

Goodbye, Violet Box. Thank you for some great times!


Temples in Melbourne

Earlier in the year, around Chinese New Year, I went on a temple tour with my mum and aunties and uncles.. because I wanted to visit different temples than the ones that we normally visit.

Mate, was it interesting!


500 Asians in 10 Buses

Enuff said. lol

Almost every temple we went to was like… a stampede of asians running to the toilet, getting food, taking pictures and some who’ve made it into the temple for a quick prayer with the master. Tsk Tsk!

I was actually really surprised with a couple of the temples as I’ve never seen them before, never heard of them, never thought they existed and never had a chance to go inside.

So the first temple was the starting point in Springvale, Chua Hoa Nghiem.

Then after the master told us to “take it easy” and not “scare off the temple volunteers” we set off on our coaches to Reservoir… far far away. (more…)

Royal Mail Hotel @ Dunkeld

smoked eel instagram kluublog

It’s been a good month since visiting Dunkeld in May and yes, I finally got around to putting up the pictures and things. It’s been a pretty hectic and stressful few weeks and only now I can breathe for a bit.

As some of you may know, I was up in Dunkeld to present an Online Business Strategy workshop with about 10 small business owners in the area. This is the first time I had ever visited the Grampians. I’ve heard of this place from my friends who have visited and done a photography trip, but I, on the other hand, have never been.

The trip there…

Dunkeld is about 1.5 hours from Ballarat or about a 3 hours trip from the Southeast of Melbourne. I took the Glenelg Hwy from Ballarat which was about a 1.5 hour drive through bush and farm and a small section of deforestation.   (more…)

Revlon Transforming Effects Review

Hey guys!

I went shopping last week in Target and came across these transforming effects top coats. I’ve seen them around for a while now and Target just so happened to have a 25% for Revlon and I got a little excited when I found clearance Revlon item (which came down to around $5!) so I decided to get something else from Revlon.

I bought the “Nude Graffitti” topcoat and was really looking forward to the results.. What is this transforming effect thing? What did it mean? How will it turn out?

With so many questions, I decided to grab the nude one.. I have to admit, it was so pretty in the bottle! (more…)

What Happened to RedPawPaw?

This is a really quick post to express my concern… what happened the subscription box Redpawpaw?

I was actually looking forward to receiving the Winter box and was thinking about it for a while now. So I did my usual thing, jumped on my emails to look for something and to my surprise.. another “Sorry” email.

Wow.. another bombshell.. what is it now?

So it turns out that they are unable to sustain the $5 plus postage because the other suppliers don’t want to pay for postage.. I thought I paid the $7.50 for postage?

Now they have decided to cancel my subscription (without offering me a means to transfer my package to the new $10 per month plus postage package) and they also said that not everyone will get the June box… which I guess is marketing for, “No one’s getting it”.

We didn’t get charged for it but it’s the hassle and sudden departure that got me thinking… “Ah.. ok.. ” (more…)

Violet Box May 2015 Review and Unboxing

Hey guys!

It’s been a long time since getting a Violet Box. Just thought I’d get back on the band wagon to treat myself from a few months of hardcore studying and also to get back in time for the birthday box next month! Yes, the cheap asian in me! LOL 😀

Anyway, this months Violet box is awesome as always! (more…)

Zee Exams Ah Done!


The exams are done!! And yes, I’m feeling on top of zee vorld!! 😀

As a whole so far, I’ve done very well. Very happy with myself and very surprised with some of the scores that I got. In my academic history so far, these marks would have to be the highest and consistently high as well.

To think that only 12 weeks ago, I had no idea how to do any accounting, I didn’t know what strategy management was or strategic planning, I didn’t know how to read financial reports and I just didn’t get it – felt really stupid.

12 weeks later, I surprise myself. 

Also, 12 weeks ago, I was freaking out about the exam, thinking, “Mate, I haven’t done an exam since I was 18. What is this exam thing all about”. I had heard about people studying like crazy for it and cramming, and having cue cards… I was like really worried that this “exam” thing was going to be really hardcore.

It wasn’t.  (more…)

And We’re Back!

And we’re back!! Yay!!

Thanks to my buddy Dusty, we got the site up and running and free from the bullshit that the hackers put into my site.

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote a post.. and I can’t believe May is almost over… I know sometimes the months seem to go by quickly but I have to say, May was seriously over in a blink! Maybe because the last two weeks I have been sick as a bitch and working hard and working hard to get my assignments over the line! Maybe…?

There’s been heaps of changes this month. I feel much better, less emotional and all over the place. Although, last week, being sick and all, I travelled up to Dunkeld (I will document this with lovely .. or not so lovely photos in a subsequent blog very soon) I did get a little bit emotional because of the traumatic drive I had! (Will link the story below) (more…)

The Avengers: Age of Ultron [Spoilers]

Ahhhhhh…. What a day! 😀

This is the first time I’ve ever watched a movie at a cinema on my own. And you know what, it was actually pretty exciting and not bad at all! It was convenient and fun!

I got a free ticket when I signed up to Crown Signatures during the CNY festival (really to get free parking at the time, the ticket was a bonus!) I hadn’t used the ticket in so long and the due date was today. So I thought, “What the hey!” and set out to watch the Avengers because I didn’t want to waste a $20 ticket!

So after getting my wheels done (yes, I got new tyres finally, the old ones were soooo worn out it wasn’t funny) I set out to watch a movie. As I hadn’t had lunch yet and I didn’t have time to buy something else, I thought I’d get the hot dog at Village. The combo had way too much food! LARGE POPCORN! That I didn’t even get through 1 quarter of the box.

Anyway… the Avengers… after about 30 minutes of commercials and freaking 30 minutes of the people next to me chit chattering (rude), the movie started.

I’m a huge nerd for the Avengers franchise. Well, ok, for Thor and the Avengers. All the rest are… not linked together like these two movies are, always at the end.   (more…)

My Night Time Soups

I was feeling a little weird feeling inside my stomach and thought maybe it would go away… it wasn’t the strong pain feeling ones but more like the fleeting ones. But after a few good hours it didnt go away and then I heard the grumbling.

Ok so maybe it wasnt emotional emptiness that I was feeling but am actual physical needing fuel.

So as I sit with my continental cuppa soup, I write. Yes again.

I’ve been obsessed with WongFuProductions lately, mainly the Wongfu weekends. I’ve never been into wongfu even though I’ve heard of them and seen them in other YouTuber videos like on Ryan Higas channel and Just Kidding News. I think I was first really impressed by them when I saw their Lee Hom video… I saw this by chance when I was looking for a Lee Hom song that another singer parodied (a word?) (more…)