Know what You are Good At – Sales Person Where Are You?

So quick update, I applied for the job. I didn’t get it and it was a quick upfront no because

1) Didn’t have as much experience as the others, and

2) I’m not as educated as the others

Damn that sucks. So I asked why I got a chance last time and said that it must’ve been luck. She answered that it wasn’t luck but that I was a fantastic facilitator. Very nice of her to say that.

Now I’m really…. I dunno.. not gutted… not sad.. not happy.. not anything. I guess, I’m feeling like I’m not smart enough and won’t be smart enough to get into that field. I’m already behind like 10 years of corporate experience. (more…)

Quick Update – Lots of Thoughts

Arghhh.. i keep not getting posts out on time and totally didnt do anything last week.

Good thing is that I have enjoyed spending time with friends and family and connecting with my boyfriend over monopoly deal over the weekend. OMG best game everr!!

That and i have been busy studying. So much so that I feel sick. Sick with anxieties and sick of feeling dumb. Lol man this business course is so challenging. Im used to fashion trends, social trends and human thought. Getting in the world of business is different. Accoubting has been the biggest headache and stretch! Just sitting there trying to plot out the numbers has driven me crazyyyy.

The assessment Im doing now is also a big of a challenge.

Then Tuesday i went to look at jobs on seek, for fun, i dont know. I woke up that day feeling like I wanted to live my life doing my business and then all of a sudden I see the dream job post another two openings – the same job and an entry level position.

Ask For Help!

So I just jumped on my website about 10 minutes ago and it’s been so long since I last wrote a post… and to my surprise, BAM! 5 days ago I had like more than a thousand reads! Wow! Thank you!

In the last week I’ve been pretty busy putting things into perspective. I don’t know about you guys but the pain is getting too real to just ignore and hence the coaching and marketing and working at it to get things moving.

I ran the webinar last night on YouTube and Google Hangouts! I seriously think that maybe only 1 or 2 people showed up. lol (more…)

Reaching Out

So this week has been pretty interesting and also really cool. It’s like one of those really good weeks that I haven’t had for so long since 2012 when i did NLP.

At the start of the week i did my first small business victoria workshop with 7 ladies at Selby which was about 30 minutes from Dandenong. It was a very long drive and very windy as well well i went up the mountain. It was actually quite scary and I was really scared when driving up. I was almost going to vomit. I think  i was more scared of the drive than the workshop itself.

Anyway, so it was an amazing experience talking for 2 hours about Internet and social media and seo and all the good stuff that an IT specialist would know. The funny thing was i don’t have any qualifications in IT and it’s only because i’m such a geek that i got this gig. What i really enjoyed about this gig was that i was able to inspire the women to do more with their businesses online. It was so much fun.

Later on in the week i decided to reach out to some coaches and ask for help. I knew it was time to do something about where i was because i didn’t know where i was going and i couldn’t continue to stay in this position anymore. Within 10 minutes so many people approached me with help. Some actively coached me and asked me coaching questions and some offer to have coffee and some even asked if i wanted to attend their workshop. (more…)

Red Paw Paw March 2015 Unboxing and Review

Wow finally, the wait is over! Red Pawpaw has sent their first box in three months!

Red Pawpaw had decided to have a seasonal box instead of having a monthly box to allow for time to research and find new and better products to fill in the boxes. The result, a much long awaited box choca-block filled with all full sized goodies ranging from body wash to muesli, to rice, gravy, licorice, fresher, biscuits and tea (Red pawpaw have seriously stocked me up on tea, I don’t remember the last time I bought tea!)

Without even going through the products and doing a price breakdown, already I can tell you this box is worth way more than what we have paid for it ($5 for the box plus $7.50 postage). The nivea body wash and muesli combined is already around $10 – $14 if full-priced. (more…)

Fresh Off The Boat!

Did I stumble on a gem or what!

I was looking for something to watch the other day and decided to look at what was hot on Hulu. I think it’s the “trending” column or something and I came across a show called “Fresh off the Boat”. I clicked in and saw Kim Jong Ung from “The Interview” (Randall Park) and was like.. wow what’s this.

Click into the pilot episode and was hooked. (more…)

Happy CNY! (Glad the Horse is leaving)

Happy Lunar New Year to my fellow asians!

I’m actually home early this year. Most years, my cousins and I would be at Box Hill Festival waiting for the midnight countdown or in the later years, we’ve been at the Vietnamese temple waiting for the countdown.

This year, it was different. I guess old age and because Lunar New Year is smack in the middle of the week, so people gotta work (except me).

I did spend some time with my family though, just having a chat over some cake.

The Year of the Horse was a crap year!


Case Study Preparations for Consulting Jobs

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post. Where was I? I think the question should be, “where were you MENTALLY in the last few weeks?”

Truth, my mind was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I was boggled down on that depression, I was bitching to the universe every morning about all aspects of life and just generally feeling like shit. Bitter, nasty and depressed shit.

So last week, I gave myself a challenge. I was not allowed to wake up and bitch and whine until I had breakfast. I don’t know about you, but when my body goes into starving mode, I think the stresses, the anxieties and everything amp up – because my body is also feeling stressed, “OMG, we don’t have fuel, we’re going to die”. Hence the same theory of why people say you shouldn’t starve yourself when on a diet because your body will restore more fats.

Anyway, moving on, I actually did start to feel better. I actually didn’t end up bitching and whining any more and generally felt better.

I don’t know what happened.. by Friday, I started to research on YouTube, “Stragey Consulting, Strategy planning process” and from that I ended up watching “Case Interviews, Case Study tips for McKinsey, BCG and Bain”. I clicked watch anyway. (more…)

Tall Poppy Syndrome

It’s been a long while. I missed last weeks post because I was just too lazy to write something (even though I had a thought for a few posts).

In truth, I have kept myself pretty busy (well, as busy as possible) going here and there to meet people, interviews and getting out of the house when possible (even though I have been at home watching tv A LOT)

Feeling like I am Planning My Life

In the last few weeks, I have actually started to feel so much better about my life. I really do feel like I am getting out and about, talking to people, catching up and learning more about my options and opportunities. I also have NO SHAME and have spoke with lots of people to see if they have opportunities for work. NO SHAME!

I have turned down opportunities as well as being rejected from opportunities. Feels good to be in control of MY LIFE.

I have also spent the last week looking at courses to do. As per the last few posts, I have been wanting to do the MBA – get it over and done with. However, many people in the industry have told me not to saying that if it’s for credibility, in Australia, an MBA is not all that credible. (more…)