Hard times, Grief and Redundancy

Yo peeps, here’s a post with emojis to further illustrate my emotions.

Its been a long few weeks since I wrote anything. Yes, I have spent this time licking wounds. We had the Xmas party as well which was interesting. I’ll get to that in a sec.

I tried my best to keep positive in the last couple of weeks but it was hard. It was hard because a part of me knew it was the best thing to leave but the other part was still upset that it was me who left. After speaking with pretty much every female in the organisation, i realised that it was just me that was asked to leave. 👿

Anyway. I went xmas shopping last week, just to take the mind off me and put it into the spirit  of giving. All day I had been thinking about the five stages of grief and where I was. I guess, as a way to help me understand why I was still feeling shit and where I was up to. Yes, control freak coming out. Finally when I got to Chadstone, I sat under the big starry installation outside of David Jones and googled the five stages of grief …

Five stages of Grief:

1. Surprise/shock/denial – yup, happened on the first day😯
2. Anger – yup, the day after. Lots of colourful name calling.😠
3. Bargaining – yup, right after name calling.:|
4. Depression – ahhh… here we are. Helplessness and hopelessness
5. Acceptance – not yet then.

It turns out that on that day I was in depression. 😣 (more…)

Violet Box Unboxing and Review for November 2014

Hey guys,

Twas a late box for Violet Box for November. But it finally came in on Monday this week. I’ve popped the video on YouTube but have been such a Debbie Downer in the last few days (I shall expose my vulnerabilities in the next post).

Anyway, here’s a quick review and unboxing of the violet box for November 2014. I will most likely give that magnetic nail polish a go soon. Hopefully in the next few days or next week fo shizzle!

Enjoy the video! (more…)

I was Made Redundant at Work


What interesting energy this weekend.

So there’s been talk of a work review and an email was sent at work on a Friday to everyone that there’s potential that people will “loose hours or gain some hours”.

When I received that I thought, “ah, it’s going to be me”. The work that I was doing was coming to an end and there was not really anything in store for me next year.

At work, I do drink-driving courses as you all know – I facilitate.

A part from that, I also project manage small projects and manage and coordinate tenders as well as the marketing things, admin and little bits and pieces.

This year, most of my work was concentrated on completed websites and they have all finished up this year. I noticed that a lot of projects weren’t given to me at all. A lot of these projects that I worked to put together and develop, were not given to me to run.

I knew I was on the chopping block. (more…)

Anxiety VS Anticipation

Have you ever heard of the anecdote (is it called anecdote..?) where someone has compared the feeling of anxiety with the feeling of anticipation?

The first time I heard of this was at the Tony Robbins Date with Destiny seminar when he was talking about the meanings that we give experiences. He was talking about the feeling of anxiety or feeling anxious or worried is the exact same feeling of anticipation or excitement. Kinda of like that adrenaline rush when you’re about to jump out of a plane to go sky diving.

In the last few days, I have to admit, I have been feeling really anxious. I don’t think it’s that I’m worried about anything or feeling negative of anything. I think I’ve been feeling like this because I’ve been anticipating something. Excited. Like.. that feeling of excitement like you’re about to go to Disney land or going away overseas.

I’ve been feeling like my dreams are slowly realising and I’m really ready to charge ahead. But it’s that anticipation, that waiting that’s killing me a little at the moment. All this – OMG-it’s-happening but I still have to wait.

I have applied for a job that is exactly the job that I have wanted. Exactly the career pathway to take me closer to where I want to be in the future and the waiting is killing me!! (more…)

Native Box November 2014 | Should you get it?

Yes, it’s that time again. The cycle of the subscription boxes and unboxing videos. This time, it’s the Native Box for November 2014.

I’m beginning to feel like this box isn’t getting as much attention as the other boxes. I wonder when the hype will pick up. Anyway, check out the box and let me think if you love the box or not.

Here’s the video:


Phi and Me SOON!

You know you’re Vietnamese Australian if…

– Your mum used to sew (or still is) garments in her garage

– Your mum wanted you to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant

– Your mum refused to let you go out with your friends, especially slumber parties (sleep overs).

If you’ve nodded your head to any of these statements, then yes, you are a Vietnamese Australian who should be anticipating the next installment of ‘Phi and Me’! Yay! (more…)

I Donated My Hair!

Yes, I finally did it

I did tell people that I was going to donate my hair. I figured that if I was getting annoyed with it and was not really wanting it any more, why not give it to someone else who needs it.

Inspired by @AprilAthena7 from her @AprilJustinTV videos, I decided to cut 29cm (all of my hair) and donated it to “Pantene Beautiful Lengths” in Australia (@beautifullengths). I sent off the package today (yes I mourned my hair for a week).

The last “event” I was at with my long hair. Yes that’s me as Nicki Minaj! lol (more…)

Red Paw Paw November 2014

Super quick post.

What’s inside the November 2014 Red PawPaw box?

Let’s say, lots of food, lots of snacks, lots of yummy stuff and special box of ooozing chocolatey goodness. If you want to know what’s inside, then click the video!


Best Croissants in Melbourne!

OMG, just shooting through a quick post!

The best croissants I’ve ever had. I heard of this a while ago from a friend and only recently did I get to try some. I had a wonderful dinner the night before to celebrate my 30th. We drank a bottle of bubbly. Cried. Laughed. Swore. Talked. Screamed. Ate. Drank.

Before we knew it, it was 11.40PM! I was shocked!

Anyway… so we decided to wake up early the next morning and line up at Lune (29 Scott Street, Elwood, off Tennyson Street Elwood) to try these delicious croissants there were OH-SO-GOOD.

We got there Friday morning at 7.25AM, got the 18th and 19th ticket, waited about 30 minutes in line and this is what we got: (more…)

I Turned Thirty!

Yes I turned 30 on Sunday 26th October 2014. No, I didn’t get Nando’s for free – I should’ve went to get some though.

I spent my thirtieth with friends at Rosebud this year. A mini getaway for us all to beach land and winery land = my two favs.

Initial thoughts …

I did say I wasn’t going to celebrate my 30th unless I had my own place. And I was still going to stick to it but one of my friend’s was coming back all the way from America and I thought, I might do something. I asked myself, how I really wanted to spend my birthday and honestly, I didn’t want to get pissed at a bar and I didn’t want to do it at my folks place. So I booked a nice holiday house away and I guess in some ways, the place was mine for the night.

How I celebrated my 30th …

It was a lovely little villa in Rosebud. Enough beds and roomy enough for 11 of us. Lovely get away. I made a lot of food. (more…)