People are changing and their consumer behaviours are now different. How do we tap into the minds of our customers and create desirable products, services and promotions that differentiate our business and ensures that our business stays relevant, makes sales and people know about it?

I get asked a lot of different questions such as, “How do I get more likes on Facebook?”“How do I use social media to make sales” and “Will giving out free products get me more sales?”

The simple answer is “No”.

The more complex answer is, “It could, but it depends on your strategy and how you execute your strategy”.

I believe every business has a story, a differentiating factor or a competitive advantage that is embedded into their business strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. The growth and expansion of the digital market means that your business is more than likely to fall into the abyss and be lost amongst the other people who are actually taking advantage of their story, idea or point of difference and implementing their strategy throughout their business.

Customers love continuity, they love seeing a brand that is well-thought, well executed and every bit of the business breaths the strategy. Look at your favourite brand right now and think about what their strategy is and how they have successfully implemented it through their products, website, customer service, organisation and especially in their marketing and digital marketing campaigns.

This is what I will do with you.

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