Phi and Me SOON!

21 Nov , 2014 Thoughts

Phi and Me SOON!

You know you’re Vietnamese Australian if…

– Your mum used to sew (or still is) garments in her garage

– Your mum wanted you to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant

– Your mum refused to let you go out with your friends, especially slumber parties (sleep overs).

If you’ve nodded your head to any of these statements, then yes, you are a Vietnamese Australian who should be anticipating the next installment of ‘Phi and Me’! Yay!

I’m sure most of you would have seen these performances during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Tet Festival and many Multicultural¬†special events. Not only are they hilarious, they are on point with the cultural perspective and behaviours of our Asian families, especially our Asian mother.

If you have ever been verbally abused as a kid, been a recipient of the feather duster or ever wondered how different and confusing growing up as a Asian but living in Australia is, then you will love these guys.

Check out this video:

Phi and Me Need Your Support

What they need now is your support. To create a mini web series, they need to $$ to help them get together the writers, producers, directors and editors (and of course the actors) to share with the world the fun and excitements of being an Asian Australia child growing up.

Not only that, Phi and Me is a production with a strong message – Asian Australia actors need to be seen in the industry and need to have bigger opportunities. A part from comedians, how many Asian Australian actors do you know of?

Make a Pledge today!

I’ve made my pledge, if you want to makes yours then click the link –

If you’re lucky, you may be serenaded by Kim Huong herself!

Make sure you check out their pozible page for more info and give them some red pockets for a prosperous, hilarious and exciting new year!


Enjoy the rest of the videos –¬†remember to subscribe to phi and me on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for more information of the new and exciting things they have planned for next year!

Karen x



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